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Discussion in 'Modelling' started by von Poop, Nov 2, 2006.

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    My „eternal“ construction site for 2 years:
    An old 1 : 350 SMS Emden Revell kit, which is being completely converted by scratchbuilt into the SMS Koenigsberg. I had to reconstruct the complete plans of the superstructure using old photographs. Main deck consists of Balsa, otherwise, a lot of sanding and endless small parts made from plasticard, drawing paper and I don't know what else....
    (hopefully) one day displayed in a diorama showing her in the Rufiji Delta.
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  2. Bit rough. A 15mm PSC Sherman II kit that I really didn't like, so I turned it from a potential tank for my army list into a destroyed tank objective marker instead. This pic was taken after a second coat was done. I've since applied a third and done nothing else with it thereafter. The reason for not liking the kit were the separated tracks, which are a pain to fit. I decided to punch some holes into the hull, turret and running wheel to give it the effect it's been hit and knocked out. Buried are the assistant driver, loader/operator and the gunner.

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  3. Decided to finish it off during lockdown. Quite happy with it looking worn and dirty. I hoped the make the turret look stained from smoke, I hope that’s noticeable. No decals applied, but that’s ok for a little objective marker piece.

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    A Tamiya Tiger I in (I believe) 1/16, with interior, I've build years ago. I made the pics, because I hope I can sell it on ecrap ... err ebay :)
    When I build that Tiger, I did no research. I just wanted a nice Tiger I

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    An A1 Abrams and a Humvee for a "Desert Shield" diorama project I started in 2002 or 2003 that stayed a project:)

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    Has anyone ever seen or attempted to make a model of the wreck of the Titanic?

    I toyed with the idea after seeing the Ken Marshall paintings featured in Ballard's books on the discovery of the ship.

    I had a model of Titanic and broke it in half, tweaking it in just the right places, but that's where the idea ended.

    Has anyone ever made their model kits into wreck dioramas, using photos to work with?

    Some of the photos taken in Russia of wrecked German tanks at Prokhorovka would be ideal.

    It would make a great change from the usual fare with model building
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