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    08BE562E-41B3-4E6B-8621-AA69C47C5FFA.jpeg 2C7BF29B-09A3-4240-B7EB-98D0D9FA9004.jpeg Hi guys I received this a couple of weeks ago for my great uncle Stanley Conway I really did take some finding this is one of 2 he has in the national archives and I’m thrilled to have found them. I get the basic info but I would like help with the translation if anybody could help ? It would more than apprictaed as my German is 0%. A really big thank you advance :).
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    from my very limited German, the document appears to be a POW/Hospital document, possibly Stalag 12, Hospital in Munich 2/10/43 then moved 3/10/43 to Eichstatt ?. possible POW # A 21560 (check the IIRC POW records) he may have had pulmonary problems
    hope that helps some until proper translator comes along

    Bob R.
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    'Lungenentzündung' is 'pneumonia'; 'offen' is verbatim 'open', not knowing a correct English term for this combination.
    'Abgang' means 'striked off strength' or 'departure.
    Its purpose being 'for the purpose of exchange with Of. (OFlag - Offizierslager - 'officers' camp') VIIB Eichstätt on 03.10.1943.
    Next of kin to inform: Mother ....

  4. stolpi

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    He was a Kanonier (= Gunner).

    He suffered something worse than pneumonia, I'm afraid:
    Art der Krankheit oder Verwundung = Kind of illness or wounds
    s. 1 Jhr = Since one year
    Offene LungenTBC = Open lung tuberculosis.

    He was transferred from a 'Res.Laz.München' (reserve hospital München) to Oflag VII B Eichstätt 'zwecks Austausch' (in order to be exchanged - POW exchange?)

    The stamp on the right is from Reservelazarett Freissing. Seems to me that he passed through this hospital. Arriving on Oct 2nd from München and leaving on Oct 3rd for the Oflag at Eichstätt.
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    Thanks guys I now have a trancescrpipt for my document. TB fits in with his death certificate. How he must have suffered :( he didn’t die in his own town Barnsley he died in ormskirk.
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    There was repatriation of POW's from/to both sides in October 1943 - he could have been a part of that

    19th October 1943: Disabled PoWs repatriated in Prisoner Exchange

    and the transfer to the Swedish steamship Drottningholm was made during darkness. Before dawn more than 1,200, most of them men from Great Britain, but also 20 Canadians, 20 Australians, a few Palestinians, and some from other parts of the British Empire, were on board.
    About noon the German steamships Ruegen and Meteor brought a further 650 to the quays at Gothenburg just as the Drottningham was pulling out for Vinga to adjust her compasses, preparatory to sailing to Great Britain.

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    Just picked up this interesting thread.

    (Incidentally TD, this was the ship that repatriated Ptv Reg Pooley home on account of his wounds.His was one of the two survivors of the Paradis massacre in May 1940 but the Germans were unaware of the two being witnesses.His account was was not followed up at the time and only received thorough investigation after the war.)

    Regarding Stanley Conway the form places his birth location as Turnscoe which should be Thurnscoe is between Doncaster and Barnsley. His mother lived at Lower Cudworth which is on the northern outskirts of Barnsley.

    From a year studying the German language. I think the German typist left out the "H" in Thurnscoe sub consciously as in German "H" following "T" is not pronounced,eg,Theo in German would be pronounced as Teo. German as I remember where nouns no matter where there are in a sentence receive a capital letter and every letter is pronounced except the example given.

    Completed forms are always a source of information, some very important,others not so but always record events and history.
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    Sorry all,
    I did not see this thread until today. Being a native German speaker, anything still not 100% understood?I would be happy to help.
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    Didn’t think I would do much out from this card but it’s amazing he has another card that I will order today I have no face to the name yet other than a grant black and white photo of him from a news papers. I wonder if there will be a pic of him in the next card ?
  10. The Viking

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    just been going over the post again after a couple of weeks off.

    is it safe to say then that poor Stanley was in stalag 12 at the time he became ill ? Then transferd to a more permanent camp the oflag VIIB where he stayed till he was liberated ? I wonder what his movements where before he arrived at stalag 12.
  11. Tullybrone

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    I’ve numbered your 3 queries and answered them in the quote box above.

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    Thanks fantastic steve thank you I really do so confused with the movements and different camps and dates ect please excuse if I have these quiestions a number of times before.
  13. HA96

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    sugest it to be sereverepneumonia
    TB is correct
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    Danke Stefan!
  15. The Viking

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    F8620089-4A68-427D-8B45-B2E3A67046EA.png DFD673D2-91EE-45B0-A32E-257E0E95B8DB.png Hi guys today I received the second pow card of stanleys for stalag XXA ? I believe someone wanted to know the cost from the archives ? It cost £8.00 for the search after I’d send a FOI to them and then £3.80 for the actual copy so not bad really. I was wondering if you people can put your brilliant skills to work again and translate the card ? The back of the card is interesting me abit more this time I don’t if it is German or the old style writing I just can’t read. Thank you again :).
  16. Tullybrone

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    I can’t help with the translation but can confirm it’s the same 2 sided document NA used to provide on request for free under FOI request.

  17. stolpi

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    The handwriting is a bit hard to decipher … but from the front page seems to me that in this instance the POW private (Dienstgrad: Sold(at).) died (Verwundungen, Verletzungen oder Tod: Tod (?)). Cannot read most of the backside info. Other than: Gem(äss) Kr(ie)gs Gef(angenen) Weiterleitungstelle Trier (…)??
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