German 6th Army

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    I know that they fought in the Battle of Stalingrad but what else did they do? Did they fight in any more important battles before there demise? If anyone could help me out that would be great.
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    The 6th Army guarded the Western Front during the invasion of Poland & fought in the French campaign of 1940. It took part in the invasion of the USSR on 22/6/41 as part of Army Group South & fought in the USSR until its destruction at Stalingrad. Its actions included Kiev in September 1941, where the Red Army was encircled & suffered huge casualties & Kharkov in May 1942, where a Soviet attack was routed.

    Feldgrau :: 6.Armee-Oberkommando

    A new 6th Army was formed in March 1943. Again, it fought on in the southern sector of the Eastern Front.
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    Sorry, duplicate post.

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