George W Backhouse, MM, Green Howard d.1988 - WW2 memoir

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    I have received correspondence from James Backhouse about his late brother George, of the 6 Green Howards. Included are details of the citation for his Military Medal, won in Normandy, 1944. Dad didn't know James but they were on Gold Beach together so probably knew of each other. Dad was in C Coy and George was in A Coy.

    Here is the citation for his Military Medal

    “On 11th June 44, near Oristot, Pte Backhouse, a soldier of A Co, during an attack on an enemy strongpoint, was ordered to form part of a support group of LMG’s to cover a move under heavy Spandau fire. Although under fire from both flanks, which wounded both his comrades and killed his Co Cdr (Maj Honeyman), he continued firing until his ammunition was expended. When ordered to move, he carried one of his wounded companions across a field to cover under accurate Spandau fire from 150 yards range.
    His courage and determination to do more than his duty to his company and his comrades, will be remembered by all who saw him.”

    James sent me some more background to his brother who died in 1988. To read more and see more pics click on the link below.

    Fighting Through - From Dunkirk to Hamburg - War Diary and autobiography of Bill Cheall - WW2, Dunkirk, D-Day memoir and war diary


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