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Discussion in 'War Cemeteries & War Memorial Research' started by CL1, Nov 9, 2015.

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    The chances, are quite possibly, that I've edited in the wrong year's November data. :unsure:

    Have any of the others been the same this month? Will check files later.
    I believe Geoff created the lists randomly, so there's a reasonable chance I suppose.

    (Makes me wonder what the lowest daily deaths recorded by day is. Sneaky feeling we had a thread on that somewhere.)
  3. von Poop

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    No, right set of HTML, as I no longer have the 2014 stuff.

    So it's a random chance thing.
    I can now picture Geoff working out the chance of that happening... Seem to recall he can do Maths and hard sums and stuff.
    I once got the proud mark of 4% in a Pure & Applied Maths AS level... so I am not yer man.
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    Maths teacher fired 50 questions at us every Monday first lesson. Seating was re-arranged lowest result at the front, highest at the back. I never left the desk nearest the teacher. Scraped through 'O' level maths the first time.
    Once came top in the yearly math exam- it turned out everyone else really screwed up, I got my average mark. Teacher was furious. Was in contact with one of the teachers into his 90s, He survived most of his colleagues. Heard all the staff room dirt - but too late!
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    I just peed myself I laughed so hard. Thanks! I need that. Good one!

    Would it be possible to add more query features? My searches are all for RAF queriesm whereas the search engine seams to focus on land army casualties.
    It would be really useful to be able to search for Squadrons and other such useful information to narrow down searches.
  6. geoff501

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    The search engine contains most of the CWGC data. To search for squadrons put, for example, 123 SQDN in the ship or unit text field. I am not able to do any updates.
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    Maybe not, Geoff, but without you showing the CWGC what a useful set of data they actually had and could do a lot more, it wouldn't now be as good as it is.
    I believe they can't still produce the same degree of drilling down as you could....
    Thanks for showing what was possible with a bit of intelligent thinking!
    GSE is what really got me into War Memorial researching as it made it quick and easy to find what had eluded many using only the CWGC system.

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