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    I'm raafbloke, (Bill), from Hobart, Tasmania. I'm ex-RAAF and I'm now a documentary writer/producer specialising in WW2 topics.
    Before I finish my research on my latest documentary, which deals with the life and times of Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey, I thought I'd touch base with a few of the top WW2 chat boards just to see if there is any last minute comments about Tom Blamey from any historians, academics or veterans out there. Tom Blamey's story is fascinating because he's the least known C-i-Cs of World War 2. To those people who do know of him, he is one of the most controversial, and disliked, C-i-Cs of WW2. Yet Professor David Horner of ANU, who wrote the definitive book on Tom Blamey refers to him as "Australia's greatest soldier...".
    Love him or hate him he had an interesting life dedicated to the Australian Army. If anyone would like to discuss him or give us information about him that we can use in our documentary please drop me a post.
    Similarly, if I can assist anyone with details of my - limited but specialist - knowledge of WW2, I'd be happy to discuss and share.
    All the best,
    Bill Halliwell
    Commander-In-Chief Productions
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    Hello Bill and welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum Bill from another North Island and an ex-RAF bloke.
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    Hi Bill - greetings from another RAAFie. What years did you serve? Rookies at EDN or one of those weird appies from Wagga?? Or (shudder) an OTS type.......?

    I remember working with a Halliwell a few years ago at EDN (might have been a Dave rather than a Bill though)

    Anyhoo, welcome aboard and good luck with the Blamey research etc, must be a bit difficult from Tassie so I guess you travel a fair bit to access archives and whatnot.


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    G'day Dave,
    No, it wasn't me at EDN a few years ago. I did my bit between 69 and 78, starting at EDN.
    Yes, trying to research such a big topic from Hobart is a tough job, especially when you're not financed... lot's of travel, interviewing, researching and time at the Aust. War Museum. And the reading... the never ending reading... but it's all been to a great cause. Tom Blamey was, possibly, the most fascinating person I've ever researched. Every discovery about him was a surprise and, over the last five years, we have felt like we've got to know the old man. In the early days of our research everyone told us he was a worthless, womanising bastard and not to bother with him... mind you, five years later people are still saying that, only now, we know a lot more and are in a position to disagree with his many detractors.
    Our two part documentary is set to screen on ANZAC Day 2013 so we really have to extract the digit and find out all we can before our deadline hits.
    Where we really have a hole in our research is when General Blamey went to the US in 1944 with Prime Minister Curtin and then on to London for Curtin to attend the Heads of Commonwealth meeting chaired by Winston.
    He apparently took Blamey upstairs and they had a two hour session on whiskey. We desperately need pictures of him in the UK and, of course, with Churchill. So if any ww2talk members can help, we'll be over the moon!
    What's the best place in the forums to ask for help on our UK end of the research?
    All the best Dave, hope to hear from you.
    Bill Halliwell
    Commander-in-Chief Productions
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  14. raafbloke

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    Thanks to all who took the time to say welcome.
    We are very close to ending our research on FM Sir Thomas Blamey for our two-part TV documentary on his life and times.
    I'm hoping someone on ww2talk might be able to help us with a blank period in Tom Blamey's career when, in 1944, he went to the US and then on to London, with the Australian Prime Minister John Curtin for the Commonwealth Heads meeting chaired by WSC at 10 Downing Street.
    One of Tom's ADCs reports that WSC took Tom upstairs at Number Ten and had a two hour session with him, over much whiskey, while the various Prime Ministers waited at a reception down stairs.
    We desperately need any photographs of Tom Blamey in the US and the UK, particularly with WSC. We also know that Tom met the King.
    What is the best part of the forums to ask for help on this?
    Bill Halliwell (raafbloke)
    C-i-C Productions
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    Sorry for repeating myself... having a bit of trouble with the chat board process... it's been a while since I've dealt with a chat board.
  16. Welcome and good luck with your documentary!
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    G'day Dave, No, it wasn't me at EDN a few years ago. I did my bit between 69 and 78, starting at EDN.

    Cheers Bill - I joined up in 1981 so you were long gone by then.

    Where we really have a hole in our research is when General Blamey went to the US in 1944 with Prime Minister Curtin and then on to London for Curtin to attend the Heads of Commonwealth meeting chaired by Winston.

    It is a narrow field you are looking for, early May 1944 - nothing really pops up concerning their private meeting (although there is mention of one between Churchill & Curtin at the time of the Dominion Leaders conference).

    9 May 1944


    Investiture by King

    LONDON, Monday, AAP.

    Gen Sir Thomas Blamey, who is accompanying Mr Curtin, and who last week attended Downing Street daily with Mr Churchill, is expected to enter this week upon a series of conferences with British and US service leaders.

    He will dine tonight with the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, tomorrow night with Mr Churchill and his military advisers, and on Wednesday night with Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke, Chief of the Imperial General Staff, and members of the Army Council.

    Arrangements are being made for him to visit Buckingham Palace for a special investiture, at which the King will invest him with the insignia of a Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire, which he was created in May last year in recognition of distinguished services in SW Pacific area.

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