1. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Can everyone now use the gallery, create albums etc.?
    Seems OK from test profile.

    Upload size limits set relatively high, but may have to trim soon.

    (Really is rarely any need to have a picture online much beyond a few hundred K - will resurrect thread on this soonish and see if I can recall what Jacksun's brilliant linked-to free image resizer was called for those without more proprietary tools)

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  2. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce Patron

    Thank you Adam
    Yes I have just managed to upload a picture to the gallery :smile:

  3. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Good to see you smiling, Lesley!
    We'll get there, mate, we'll get there. ;)
  4. Combover

    Combover Guest

    I've uploaded some, and it's working fine for me.

  5. chick42-46

    chick42-46 Senior Member

    Can I just check - the gallery is to replace the albums we used to have on our personal pages?

    The gallery on our old system wasn't working when I joined ww2talk.


  6. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Yep, Ian, I think that's about right - & If you look at someone's profile, you can go straight to that individual's uploaded images without having to wade through the mass - so it sort of replicates the old system while having a better overall way of sharing/viewing stuff.
    Comments combined with the working notification system ought to bring things more to the fore which were a bit buried previously.

    I need to organise the gallery better, more categories etc. so it isn't just a heap. But have not quite got my head around the settings yet. It's a little strangely laid out at the mo.

    If anyone wants to suggest categories, please do - I may or may not take them up, but I'm sure the hive-mind can come up with better ideas than just me.
  7. chick42-46

    chick42-46 Senior Member

    Thanks, Adam, for clearing that up. I didn't want to start posting stuff to the gallery that used to be in my albums if that wasn't what the gallery was for! Cheers - and keep up all the good work, it's very much appreciated - Ian
  8. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Home front, (installations, defences, airfields,, barracks, bomb damage etc)
    Tankfest etc,

    Armour, Vehicles, Aircraft, Weaponry

    Kit (egs of Uniforms, badges, medals etc) -
    or Militaria

    Albums depicting Military Service (personal ones, relatives,)

    Documents, War Diaries, service records, reports, recommendations, etc


    Then and Now



    Apologies - How could I forget
    RN & MN - Ships, submarines, ports
  9. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Sometimes... You're quite annoyingly switched on. :tongue:
    Most of those make perfect sense to me - mind went completely blank.

    I can see I have some more gallery-tidying to do!
  10. Combover

    Combover Guest

    The documents section of the gallery, as dbf has suggested, would be immensley useful.

    With the propensity for posting such a high volume of documents as people do on this forum, it would be a shame if they were 'buried' amid other images.
  11. Alanst500

    Alanst500 Senior Member

    Thought i had broke the Gallery, but it seems the master is adding Categories
  12. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Yes, sorry, should have said.

    Bare bones are in - Categories added - please try and start albums within categories that have logical headings so we can concentrate stuff.

    I see 'Members Albums' is a sort of special category in it's own right.
    Don't worry if you've already posted stuff in one area and it'd fit better elsewhere - we can move stuff fairly easily.

    Really am going to have to address file size per image.
    Limits too high. :unsure:

    (BTW - Gallery looks rather good on the mobile skin.)
  13. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Think I've sorted the overall settings by usergroup for the gallery.

    Still not 100% clear on how to select the right album/category when uploading, but doubtless we can thrash that out between us.
  14. Alanst500

    Alanst500 Senior Member

    I have found that when you click Upload You are presented with Create New Album, Select Album or Select Category one of these buttons have to be pressed, when you click "Create New Album" window opens where you name the title this is also where you want you new album to be placed, under "Album Category" Drop down and select one of the Categories, there is also a button for putting a Water Mark on your image ( i did not use this ). When you have done click Save (at the bottom) Then choose you images, when done remember to review and finish on the last page. DONE.
  15. Enigma1003

    Enigma1003 Member

    What am I doing wrong ?

    When I go to Gallery and click on the 1 photo that is visible per poster, all I then see is (attached) :

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  16. Noel Burgess

    Noel Burgess Senior Member

    I agree with Enigma 1003, all I can see are "placeholders" showing number of photos in album and number of views (presumably). the placeholders are not links to the albums

  17. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Checked it from Test profile with your Usergroups from here, on two different browsers, and it's displaying fine.

    It might just be something as straightforward as clearing the browser cache, or logging out and back in again.

    Next thought is if you both use the same/similar AV/Firewall software and 'something' is blocking the images.
    Maybe an adblocker?

    What browsers are you on, chaps?
    Do the images in the top strip here display OK?
  18. Enigma1003

    Enigma1003 Member

    Im using IE8.

    "Nothing is being blocked on this page"

    No other problems elsewhere.

    .I will log out/ back in etc to try that

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  19. Noel Burgess

    Noel Burgess Senior Member

    IE 8 here as well also AVG Internet Security. I can see the images the top strip and have no problem with images elsewhere on the site.

  20. Enigma1003

    Enigma1003 Member

    Signed out, cleared cache, signed in ............. NO Difference


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