Frank Pendergast,7th (LI) Batt.Parachute Regiment.6th AB Div.

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    Bumped into Frank collecting for charity outside Charing Cross Station London.

    upload_2018-5-15_17-34-47.png upload_2018-5-15_17-35-25.png upload_2018-5-15_17-35-40.png
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    Met Frank a few times ( my grandad was in the 7th Bn)
    Frank was in B Coy and was wounded when the bridge at Neustadt blew up on 7/4/45

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    100% certain Frank is in this pic. He’s the shortest guy centre left.
    Smiling on the right is Sgt Sid Cornell.
    2 medics in the stick for Varsity were Holmes and Jamieson. You can see their stretchers coming out of the kit bags.
    Capt Eric Woodman can be seen far left.

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