Formation Sign discovered on the Wing of my '42 Bedford - can anyone id?

Discussion in 'General' started by David_Coles, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. David_Coles

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    Hello All - just joined the group. I restore WW2 radios normally but have done a Jeep and have just taken on a Bedford MW. Whilst removing the paint on the front wing I discovered a formation sign I didn't recognise. Can anybody help me identify please? It appears to be a shield of vertical red and blue stripes on a yellow background. It could of course be a post war marking. Thanks for any help. David

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  2. Tricky Dicky

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  3. Owen

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    Your photo is on it's side so I'll stand it up.

    unknown sign.JPG
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  4. Blutto

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    The closest I can find is a Northumbrian District sign, but not with the exact positioning of the vertical red bars.
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    I think that you're right, Blutto. If you're using Cole as a reference, then he does say that he is dealing with cloth uniform badges. Vehicle signs were often simplified and adapted to aid application, especially if no transfers were available. It's perhaps logical that most of the surviving vehicles in the UK should have seen service with Commands and Districts etc.
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    Here's a new idea: 25 Armoured Assault Brigade, but painted over another sign which involved a yellow square.
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    That makes a lot of sense except shouldn't there be a diablo if it's from a Tank Brigade?
  8. Trux

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    Northumberland District WW2.


    These armorial bearings exist in many forms and variations but always in the form of a red and yellow fence pattern. Supposedly originating with the banner of the Kings of Bernicia, a Saxon kingdom consisting roughly of the counties of northern England and southern Scotland. All the lands north of the Humber (hence Northumberland) and south of the Forth.

    Well done Blutto.
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  10. Blutto

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    Being a detail person, the symmetrical pattern on the mudguard vs the asymmetrical pattern on most instances of the Northumbria shield brought up some doubt. Then again I suppose it depends on knowledge/directions of the painter.
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  11. SDP

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    Is that a '15' below the main shield emblem?
  12. Blutto

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    13 or 15?

    EDIT: I also came across this photo

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