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    Does anyone know of any accounts or detailed descriptions, in books or other, of the initial training that gilder pilots went through at Fargo/Tilshead?

    Edit: Any other materials of other parts of GP training would be welcome also!

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    Hello Dave,

    I know from Dad's letters that he trained at Tilshead: however, my mother kept the following cutting from the News Chronicle dated Saturday, October 21st, 1944 ! ... whether Mum did this because Dad took part, I'm afraid I'll never know ...

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    Thanks Lindsay
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    There is some information on the GPR Depot at Fargo Camp, Tilshead in Mike Peter's book, "Glider Pilots in Sicily".

    Glider Pilots in Sicily - Google Books

    Peter Boyle talks about his experience at Tilshead and the flight training that was to follow starting at reel 3 in an IWM interview:

    Peter Boyle - IWM Interview

    Regards ...
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    Thanks Cee

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