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    I have been looking at my family history for a number of years and I'm now putting an effort into the military aspects. So that they will be remembered I am writing a few pages on each of those who served. The most interesting I have are:
    Grandfather, Samuel Parker (1896-1987), served (possibly Hussars). His records only available at Kew.
    Father, LAC John Parker (1923-1979), served RAF 1940-1946. I have his military records.
    Great uncle, Francis Boyle (-1943), Royal Irish Fusiliers, No 3 Commando, killed in action on July 14, 1943, in Sicily.
    Uncle, James Semple Smith (1922-ca1998), Seaforth Highlanders. Served Africa, Sicily, Italy.

    My attention is for now focussed on my Father-in-law Trooper William Campaigne. I have applied for his service records and have just obtained from a family member his
    Service Record and Pay Book;
    3 x 1939-1945 medals; 1x 1939-1945 star; 1 x Italy star (missing Africa star?)
    Some photographs, which I'll be happy to share.

    I'll post separate threads on the above army veterans, starting with William Campaigne. I only knew my father-in-law for about 5 years before he died and I would like him to be remembered. He didn't speak about his service but I know he went through some tough times. I guess I need to pick an appropriate forum, either Royal Armoured Corps or Lothian & Border Yeomanry.

    We are not a "military family" so I have little knowledge of how divisions, regiments and other units are assembled and how people were posted to them. Any help will be much appreciated.
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    Hi Redetin

    What makes you say his records are only available at Kew

    Do you have any other details for him, service numbers, medals etc ??


    Was he born in Northern Ireland [Co Down??]
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    Many thanks for your reply, Tricky Dicky.
    In early 2018, I applied with search forms to the Army Personnel Centre. I received a reply which is attached.
    Samuel Parker was born in Carlisle, Cumberland, England.

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    In fact the TNA have 'sold' the data (pre 1921) to Ancestry, who have transcribed [not always the best word to use here] the databases. As a member of Ancestry I have found quite a few records for WW1 soldiers and therefore have access to the records. You need to understand though that the records were left in a depository in London at the start of WW2 against good advise to move them, and the building was hit during the blitz leading to what are now called 'The Burnt Documents'.
    What this means is that for example mt Great Uncle has no service or pension records to look at, yet last month I looked uo someones relation and found 23 pages of service record - so its pot luck, but have as many details about the subject is vital. Date of birth, where born, middle name (or not) service numbers (from war medals) etc etc

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    Welcome to the forum, hope we can help you out with your research.
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    I know nothing of my Grampa 's service in spite of the fact I spent many hours chatting to him, but never about his service. There's no service number, no photos. My brother said he served in the Hussars; a suggestion that he was a sargeant major; possible service in India/Afghanistan in 1920s. But no facts and no-one to ask.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Good luck with your research.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    His service papers ought to answer any query about his medal entitlement.

    Are you saying you believe he has entitlement of 3 medals and have 2 Stars?

    If that is correct the missing medal can only be the War Medal but his service papers will give you the authoritative answer.

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  9. Tricky Dicky

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    So I guess this is him

    Samuel Parker
    BIRTH 14 DEC 1896 • Carlisle, Cumberland, England
    DEATH 1 JUN 1987 • Shettleston, Lanarkshire, Scotland

    Looking in the WW1 medal rolls for a Samuel Parker gives about 125 results - none specifically to any Hussars - so without further details ....................... as mentione d, his medals will have his Regt and service number inscribed on the rim, this was not done in WW2

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    I’ve had a look through the Cumberland Newspaper index for 1914/18 (available online via Cumbria Archives) and cant see a mention of Samuel Parker.

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  11. Redetin

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    Yes, That photo
    This photo is my Grampa.
  12. Redetin

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    Steve, Thanks for the reply.

    Among his possession are:
    3x 1939-1945 Medals
    1x 1939-1945 Star
    1x The Italy Star

    In his Soldiers Service and Pay Book there is a written entry on p5 as follows.
    Awarded AFRICA STAR with 1st
    Army Clasp (AFB2063 signed by OC
    54 T. Regt. RAC 23/3/44 - PTO 30/1 9d 24/3/44 refer)

    However, there was no Africa Star along with his other medals. I have just started looking so other material may turn up.

  13. Redetin

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    Samuel Parker had a brother Sydney Parker, born Carlisle 1906; my mother told me he was a Chelsea Pensioner, but I'm not going down this route at the moment.

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