Fallschirmjäger in Lastensegler DFS 230

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    Sorry Smudger Jnr.... the images are taken from a glider which was rebuild and which is on display already on Eben-Emael... The one we are going to rebuild wil only have the looks... (not the metal frame), just the outside view for the public. I made the pictures to help with the construction....
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    Why bother making a replica? Surely you can get a DFS 230 for half price in their sale?

    We did have an equivalent to the DFS230 in the Hotspur though it was never used operationally. Here are a few links:

    BBC People's War
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    Looking at the video I would say it was a Cromwell.

  4. We did have an equivalent to the DFS230 in the Hotspur though it was never used operationally

    i knew about the hotspur as it has the same design as the DFS. but if it was never used operationally: can somebody give me a link with information on gliders, actually used by the allies??

    if yall too lazy...aat least the type/classification so i can do some research myself. thanks
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    i knew they were training with it. but if it wasnt used operationally, can somebody post a link to information on gliders which were actually used by the allies??
    search for 'glider' on here for some excellent photos of various gliders.
    some in colour . a few non WW2 ones creep in.

    Imperial War Museum Collections Online Database
  6. thanks for the quick reply. itll take me a while to digest that amount of info i allready found. gotta dmit that we got some historians on the forum which are doing an excellent job. not just the photos....
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  8. Great pics Tom. I take it though that where Crete was concerned, the majority of Fallschirmjaeger were deployed via parachute from JU52 as opposed to mass landings of these gliders?

    dunno but enjoy some great footage eventhough you wont understand the talking......

    YouTube - Fallschirmjäger - Unternehmen Kreta (1943)
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    From what I have read the DFS 230 was deployed on Crete, but most troops were dropped either by parachute from Ju 52's or landed by Ju 52 when the airfields were secured.


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    The 230 was an assault glider and used by a small force as such as the British did on D-Day. They attackes mostly bridges and Flak positions after that the main force landed by Parachute and after that Gerbirgsjäger by 52''s on some airfields (unfortunatly for them not competely captured)
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    Agreed - more..."special forces" insertion in the way we think of them, rather than pure "airborne" ;)

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