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    Morning All
    I am working on a local project , trying to solve some of the names on various memorials , that unfortunately any background on them has been lost in the midst of time , this one is proving to be elusive , can any one help ?

    Lance Bombardier G. Bushel Royal Artillery . Fallen WW2 .

    He is listed on the Faversham war memorial and in the St Marys book of Remembrance. (Kent)

    That's all I have.

  2. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake The Mayor of London's latest dress code

    There is no Bushel listed on www.cwgc.org nor in the RA Commemoration Book WW2.
    There are the Bushell's listed in the CWGC.org
    2336912 BUSHELL DOUGLAS HARRY STEPHEN D H S 24 28/07/1944 Serjeant Royal Artillery 143 (The Kent Yeomanry) Field Regt. France '894494' HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY 2. I. 5. Son of Alfred Douglas Bushell and Kate Bushell, of Maidstone, Kent; husband of Nora Kathleen Bushell, of Maidstone.
    2429168 BUSHELL ESMOND KEMPTON E K 27 16/12/1940 Gunner Royal Artillery 326 Bty., 31 (6th Bn. City of London Regt.) Searchlight Regt. United Kingdom '1689104' HITHER GREEN CEMETERY Sec. D.D. Grave 97. Son of Arthur Kempton Bushell and Florance Eliza Sarah Ann Bushell, of Lewisham.
    2084633 BUSHELL FREDERICK HENRY F H 31 04/02/1944 Gunner Royal Artillery 491 Bty., 24 Lt. A.A./Anti-Tank Regt. Myanmar '992776' TAUKKYAN WAR CEMETERY 5. F. 19. Son of George William and Ruth Bushell; husband of Phyllis Edna Bushell, of Bexley, Kent.
    2429809 BUSHELL HORACE H 12/03/1943 Gunner Royal Artillery 55 (The West Somerset Yeomanry) Field Regt. United Kingdom '1112262' STREATHAM CEMETERY Block 12. Grave 529. Screen Wall. Panel 1.
    2115832 BUSHELL JOHN STEEN J S 23/11/1941 Gunner Royal Artillery 65 (The Norfolk Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regt Egypt '1493658' HALFAYA SOLLUM WAR CEMETERY 19. D. 9.
    2120038 BUSHELL LAWRENCE CLAUD L C 28 25/11/1942 Gunner Royal Artillery 4 Field Regt. Egypt '786313' ALAMEIN MEMORIAL Column 34. Husband of Gwendoline Mary Bushell, of Neath, Glamorgan.
    2350544 BUSHELL R F 15/08/1946 Gunner Royal Artillery United Kingdom '14134484' SOUTH STONEHAM CEMETERY Sec. M. 3. Grave 54.

    So either the Faversham memorial uses a different name to the CWGC or he is not in the CWGC database. Maybe he served in the RA in the Home Guard but did not die through enemy action?

    Several George Bushel's served in the Royal Artillery in the previous century - one had an Afghan medal from 1880.
    There was a deck boy on the of that name who served in WW1 on the SS Trent
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    Hi Sheldrake
    thanks for the information , I will go through it all and see if I can join the dotes , I have seen the inscription today on the Faversham memorial , its all new and looks as if its all been 'revamped' etc , probably during the centenary commemorations for the Great war , however , I can confirm his name is spelt with two LL's on it.
    G Bushell.
    On a photograph I have of the st Marys remembrance book , his name is spelt with one L ,
    G Bushel - l / Bom RA
    so , The question I will be asking is did the stone mason for the new memorials make a mistake or was he working off a different list ? , assuming the book was completed circa 1919 and then additions added circa 1945 .

    Thanks again

  4. Mr Jinks

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  5. dean coles

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    Hi Kyle
    thanks for that , there is a email on there for the town clerk , I will ask ,why it was changed ? maybe a relative ?
  6. Sheldrake

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    We still don't know who he was or why he is listed as an RA casualty when he is not on the CWGC database or in the RA Commemoration book.
  7. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    There's also that annoying possibility that maybe the name as been transcribed wrong from the family to who ever did the list for the memorial?
    Which I have found in my research of my local memorial.
  8. dean coles

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    hi Sheldrake and Mike ,
    I have sent off a couple of emails , to see how the names were formulated for the new memorial etc , probably be during office hours before I get an answer .
    the attached photo shows the original remembrance book at St Marys Faversham .


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  9. Tony56

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  10. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Newspaper report of the unveiling of the Faversham Parish church WW1 memorial from the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald - Saturday 10 June 1922
  11. Sheldrake

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    Deleted comment through failure to note date
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  12. timuk

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    Newspaper articles are dated 1922 and refer to the Fallen of WW1.

  13. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    I just thought Dean would like to see the newspaper report on the unveiling of the first world war memorial.
    I dId look for anything WW2 but sadly nothing.
  14. timuk

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    Sorry, understood. Was actually intending to refer to Sheldrake not finding name on list.

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  15. dean coles

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    thanks for the paper cutting , I had not seen it , always a chance there might have been a relative on the WW1 listing ,
    I will keep you all updated if I get any extra clues
  16. Sheldrake

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    Duh slaps forehead

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