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    I am researching the Japanese attack on Ceylon in April 1942 during the Pacific War. I collected most of the documents from The National Archives and I miss mostly FAA squadrons operational records.

    Thanks to my friend living next to London I acquired copies of No 827 and No 880 Squadrons but still I am unable to find listed below:

    800, 803, 806, 814, 818, 820, 831, 888

    I have checked many files in TNA, however, they are missing exactly those squadrons and dates which are my main interest. Recently I have also contacted FAA Museum, but they are unable to answer my request as they proceed with some internal arragements.

    Do you have any clue where I can get ORBs mentioned above?

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    General Info - not really read about this aspect previously - Reports — Armoured Aircraft Carriers

    Operation C: The Battle for Ceylon, April-May 1942
    The Royal Navy versus the Imperial Japanese Navy

  3. Piegziu

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    I perfectly know this page. ;)
    I need only specific ORBs.
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    I understand that - was providing info for other members on a little known - to me at least - aspect of WW2, that your thread has highlighted

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