EX British Bus in Russia WW2 - Identification

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    I have a better image of this ex British bus in Russia. The vehicle is a pre-war Leyland TS6 or TS8 probably which would have been early in 1940 and sent to France. This is a second image with two people standing in front of it captured british bus.jpg ww2 bus ussr - edited.jpg ww2 bus ussr rad unit.jpg

    It would appear from information learned today that there were a number of coaches parked convenient to Cherbourg port during Operation Dynamo. I would suggest that these vehicles may not even have been sabotaged.

    The Germans were so short of buses/coaches that they would have repaired anything found and re-instated it for use. More and more evidence of this is being unearther by myself and John Howie almost on a daily basis. captured british bus.jpg
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    Oops! Sorry!
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    Bottom one looks like Matchbox Bedford

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    It's actually a half cab - but it does look similar Probably new around 1937

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