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    Reading through records of No.26 BLU (British Liaison Unit) I found a short entry regarding escaped POW Private Waters reporting to officers of this unit (see attachment). Thought I'd post this for those interested in the Durham Light Infantry and hope its of significance to someone.


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    Thanks for that, Chris. I know someone who will be very interested.

    As a POW in Italy it is likely that Pte Waters was captured in the Western Desert or Sicily; where the 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry served as part of 151st Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division.

    There is no mention of Pte Waters in the battalion history 'The Gateshead Gurkhas' (Harry Moses).


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    Most welcome Steve.

    If that person is interested the page was found in WO 170/3804 26 BLU 2 Polish Armd Bdge Apr to Dec 1944

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    Thanks Cris, interesting read!
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    Curoius if anything more was ever learned about Pte Waters?

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    He did not complete an Escape and Evasion report.



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