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    Father arrived in Egypt in 1941 as a gunner and driver with Royal Artillery


    Can anyone enlighten me as to what XL II and XL IV were and where they might have been, please?

    I suppose the last line indicates guarding prisoners of war,perhaps?


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    I would guess it refers to X listing - search the site and you will find many threads on the subject

    The 2 you mention will be X List 2 and X List 4

    THE X (ii) LIST comprises all ranks evacuated on medical grounds beyond Regimental First
    Aid Post. Personnel so evacuated cease to be on the effective strength of their units. Temporary
    or acting rank will be relinquished 28 days after being so transferred to X (ii) list. Personnel
    remain in X (ii) list until they are classified as fit for posting when they are transferred to the X (iv)
    list of their corps and marched out to the appropriate training depot, or until discharged by a
    medical unit direct to their original units.

    THE X (iv) LIST comprises all unposted reinforcements and incoming reinforcement drafts.
    Personnel discharged from (x(ii)) to Training Depots, fit for duty, are transferred to the X (iv) list of
    their corps, until posted to a unit, when they are struck off X (iv) and taken on unit strength.
    Reinforcements in transit between the Base and a unit remain on X (iv) (and the Base Depot
    strength) until they actually reach and are taken on the strength by the unit to which they are
    proceeding. Escaped PoWs [Prisoners of War] who until such escape have been on the X (iii) list
    are transferred to X (iv) list on reaching their respective training depots.


    Reference: WO 169/13635
    Camps: 308 POW Camp
    Date: 1943 Jan.- Dec.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew
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    8th July 1942 - admitted to No 8 Casualty Clearing Station so was wounded or injured just prior to this date, hence the need for X list requirements

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    Thanks TD

    That's when he had malaria.


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