Douglas Robert James King, Tank Regiment

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    Dear Sirs,
    I do not know a lot about Dougie King, but I am interested in researching his service history.

    Looking at his record, (please see copy below) looks like he was in the Royal Tank Regiment ?

    Douglas was born in 1907, in Huntingdon.
    I think his mother Mary Jane King (nee Bentley) died in 1899, Huntingdon.
    It may have been near or soon after that time when he went to live with my Great Grandmother and her family at Tempsford, Bedfordshire....I do not exactly know when ?

    I found some info on him, please see file below.
    In 1939: Dougie was living with his 1st wife, Ivy M. (nee Holland) ... occupation, Iron Foundry worker.

    In 1950: Dougie was living with his 2nd wife, Eileen M. (nee Bartlett), at 50 Hazelwood Rd, Bedford.

    Dougie King died in 1970, in Bedford.

    Any help will be appreciated,
    Thank you

    Linda 2 Douglas Robert James King _ GBM_TANK Regiment_058_074.jpg 1 Douglas Robert James King _ GBM_TANK Regiment_058_074.jpg 1 Douglas Robert James King _ GBM_TANK Regiment_058_074.jpg

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    I shan’t repeat the advice provided by TD on the second of your 3 posts over the weekend.

    Your man was a regular pre war soldier and was discharged to the Reserve in 1933 after almost 7 years service. He would’ve had an obligation to serve another 5 years in the Reserve which would completed his 12 years service obligation in late 1938.

    He would not have had an obligation to serve in WW2 as his enlistment period would have expired. He may however have reenlisted voluntarily and or been conscripted. He may or may not have served in the Regiment in which he served in peacetime. The answer will be in his service papers.

    Steve Y
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    Strictly speaking he was a cavalryman. Cavalry units were beginning to mechanise, but on an individual basis depending on their location and role. Indeed, mechanisation could also mean a cavalry unit's administrative and stores elements getting lorries while the fighting elements were still horsed.
    You'd need to look at the 13/18 Hussars and the 17/21 Lancers to see what they were up to at the times he was with each of them.
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    Both units have museums via below links -

    17th/21st Lancers

    13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) & Light Dragoons Museum | ARMY MUSEUMS OGILBY TRUST

    17/21st Lancers were at Meerut, India 1930/38 and only became fully mechanised towards the end of that period.

    The units presence in India explains why he wasn’t discharged to the Army Reserve on the 6th anniversary of his enlistment. He would likely have to wait for the “trooping season” to commence before he could return to England for his discharge.

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    Thank you for your comments.
  6. Researcheroo

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    I do want to obtain, all my people's army papers.
    I am grateful to hear your initial thoughts.
    Thank you,
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    As you will see from his number it fits in with the block for Hussars.
    Army Number Block Allocations

    Cavalry of the Line 309001 - 721000

    309001 to 386000 Lancers
    386001 to 528000 Dragoons
    528001 to 721000 Hussars
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    Thank you kindly,

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    Hi Linda

    Dont take this the wrong way but from being a member on here for a while we often have people wanting to know what their relatives did, where they went etc etc based on some family information.
    In some cases that information is good, in others its not so good, so members can spend a lot of time and effort following up leads and information, which can sometimes be good, sometimes bad.

    It is much better than second guessing, to actually obtain the factual records of the person, then there is no need to second guess at all. I know its difficult because you are now on the track and want to have the results yesterday, but patience is good and the path from when the records are received will be for the better.

    Patience - you have enough work to do in obtaining all these service records, can I suggest you concentrate on that for now

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