Douglas Bader; born 111 years ago today

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    There's an interesting piece on the National Archives blog today about Douglas Bader.

    I especially like this:-

    Meanwhile, with the permission of Reichsmarschall Goering, the Luftwaffe radioed England for a new leg [for Bader] providing unrestricted access over St Omer. It was sent in a Blenheim on a normal bombing raid on the night of 19 August 1942. At 15,000 feet, just south of St Omer, the leg was dispatched with stump socks, powder, tobacco and chocolate.

    The extraordinary life of Douglas Bader - The National Archives blog
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    Congatulatios Steve Dee,

    great documents, thanks for posting.
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    1939 Register

    Holmhurst, The Avenue, Hampton, Twickenham M.B., Middlesex

    Name - DOB - Occupation - Marital status
    Eleanor H M Anderson - 30 Dec 1918 - Dancing Instructress - Single
    Glacomo Foa - 26 Aug 1913 - Private Means - Single
    Rachel J Cheston (Anderson) - 14 Jun 1923 - Clerk, Licensing Department Surrey - Single
    Julia J Cheshire - 26 Jun 1857 - Private Means - Widowed
    Douglas R S Bader - 21 Feb 1910 - Asiatic Petroleum Company Limited, Aviator - Married

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