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Discussion in 'General' started by redtop, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. redtop

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    What would the urgent request's be that override standard request.?
    How would one make their request urgent.?

    From Records Office
    Thank you for your recent application accompanied by your payment, completed Certificate of Kinship and Search Document.
    Unfortunately, due to the very high volume of urgent requests , family interest enquiries can take longer than we would like to complete.
    Please accept my apologies for the delay and I will write to you in due course.
    Your patience is appreciated

  2. RAFCommands

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    The urgent requests may be users of what the primary reason for the storage of the records is ie pension and medical history of serving and recently retired service personnel.

    If you feel "your need for speed" overrides standard channels then get your MP on the case.

  3. Tullybrone

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    If that phrase comes from a MOD Glasgow letter then it is just the standard form of words they have been using for years. It did apply 5 or more years ago when it was taking 9 to 10 months to get a service file but in recent years forum members have reported getting a file back within 6 to 8 weeks of making an application - but always preceded by the standard "long wait" letter.

    Steve Y
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  4. redtop

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    Thanks for replies.I did not think of pensions etc.
    I am not in that much of a rush.

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