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    Hi, I am also new to this and having recently found dad's release leave cert. I am very interested in finding out more about his life during the war. He as sadly passed and can no longer help me and probably like most soldiers didn't reveal a lot of what really happened to him during his time at war.
    Here are the meager details (other than the commical stories he told) I have:
    Name: Gordon Hepworth
    D O B: 23.08.1920
    Army No: 14361351
    Present Rank: L/sgt
    Unit: 246 FieldCompany R E
    Calling up for military sevice:8.12.1942
    Service Trade: Pioneer DII
    Records from RE Ditchling Road Brighton
    Billited in Serscamp Belgium
    Hope someone can help
    ps He had a mate called Giles who went AWOL(left his clothes by the sea) and who miraculously wrose from the dead in Sumerset 1959
    My father also served in Palestine
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    Welcome to the forum
    246 Fld Company went ashore on DDay as part of the 3rd Inf Division, there is a member called "Sapper" who fought with the same unit, send him a message and also read his posts that will help you
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    246 Company were very busy on D Day and the days following it. Indeed they were busy throughout the campaign in NW Europe.

    I have spent the last two years collecting information on units which either landed on Sword Beach on D Day or worked in the beach area in the following weeks. I can provide a fair amount of information but it will not identify individuals.

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    Many thanks to everyone, that was amazing you all replied so quickly !

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