New Resource D-Day merchant ships 2021-01-09

Merchant ships involved in the Normandy Landings

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    Hello Roy,
    I have just joined the forum as my wife has recently published her father's memoirs "My Wartime Wanderings". From these I may be able to add a tiny bit of info to your resource if you are interested. He was in B Coy. 1 Bn. Rifle Brigade. He describes the following: His carrier and also some vehicles/men from I Company were loaded aboard the Charles W Eliot at Tilbury on 1 June. He embarked on 4 June off Tilbury to rejoin his carrier aboard the ship. Unfortunately he does not detail in his memoirs or diary what other units were aboard the vessel. On the 5th moved downriver to anchor off Southend in a huge convoy at 1400. They remained at anchor all that day and got under way at 0600 on 6 June. They arrived off "Jig" sector of Gold beach at 1000 on 08 June but they did not commence unloading from the Charles W Eliot until 0700 on 9 June. He transferred to LCT at 1600 and had driven ashore by 1800.
    Ian and Ann Wiseman
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    Hello Ian, Many thanks, as you know every bit helps.

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