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    Here are the two parts and the best I could find of a complete photo. The Pegasus Archive has them on the first lift with no wave specified. Paras and signalmen in front of a horsa? If the photo was taken by Captain Malindine it would probably be at Harwell.

    Pic_ParaHorsa1.jpg Pic_ParaHorsa2.jpg Tea and Sandwiches.jpg

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    Edit: Harwell
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    The attached poor quality photo, H 39176, is alleged to be by Malindine showing gliders lined up at Harwell for the Mallard Op. About the only things in common I could find between this and our unknown party pic is the grass and a turned tail rudder on a glider in both pics which makes it look pointy. Afterwards if the photos followed in sequence Malindine moved in and set up scenes for ones like the famous "Angels with Dirty Faces". Unfortunately that is not a lot to go on.

    Battle Zone Normandy Lloyd Clark.jpg From Italian Site.JPG

    I found the Overlord book (Heimdal) for sale on Ebay which showed some pages. Unfortunately they don't include catalog numbers for their photos and only put IWM in parenthesis at the end of each caption. They may have a list of illustrations which is more detailed elsewhere? Did the grandson have the same last name as his grandfather?

    Food for thought only and Malindine might be misdirection?

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    I was just looking through an old book today (D-Day Juno Beach Canada's 24 hours Of Destiny by Lance Goddard)and page 41 has the photo of the paras from post 1 and it is described as 'Canadian Paratroopers'. The photo index gives all of this page to NAC. Looks like it is not an IWM photo.
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    Hi Michael,

    I've never come across the photo at the NAC before, but I'll take another look. In the ebook version of Goddard's book which I downloaded the photos are numbered according to rank of appearance rather than catalogue number. Number 00035 is listed with all those said to be originally sourced at the NAC.

    The insignia is hard to make out in the above versions of the photo. In the book scan you sent privately I can see no evidence of the Canadian Para badge or their distinctive wings sewn to the left breast area of smock.

    I'll check to see if there were any Canadian Paras who went in by glider on Operation Tonga and Mallard. Their CO, Lt-Col. Bradbrooke, parachuted in on D-Day. The author's caption for the photo reads, "A group of Canadian paratroopers having a warm drink before loading onto their aircraft."

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    Confirming that this photograph was taken of 2nd Bn Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshhire/195th Airlanding Field Ambulance, RAMC at Harwell airfield by Capt. Malindine on D-Day, as Cee suggested.

    These were men preparing for Operation Mallard as part of the second wave.

    H 39180

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