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    Found this old newspaper clipping at my Mum's over the weekend & was curious as to why she would have it. My Uncle was in the RAF (F/Sgt CRW Braithwaite), so I thought maybe he was one of the crew. After searching the internet to see if this was the case I could find nothing new - can anyone point me in the right direction of how I would be able to attain the crew on this flight?

    Thank you

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    All gallantry awards were Gazetted in the London Gazette.

    You can search this online using
    Chopping RAF London Gazette

    this brings up the DFC award details

    Various ways to proceed but the most reliable is to use the Gazette date as an end point and work backwards.

    The citation gives his unit as No.429 Squadron so use this in the National Archives Discovery search engine

    No 429 Squadron RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force): Operations Record Book | The National Archives

    Use the preview function to see the monthly Summary of Events to find the event then again preview the Record of Events to get the chapter and verse.

    Alternatively - do nothing and wait until someone else posts chapter and verse to show how good they are at keyboard searches once the steer has been given.

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    Managed to find the crew for but unfortunately no family connection :(

    RC Chopping - Captain
    TG Barham? - Navigator
    ??? - Bomb Aimer (Watermark obscuring name but from what letters I can see it's not CRW Braithwaite)
    JC Wilson - WOP/Air
    LS Combe - MU Gunner
    EJ Fox - Rear Gunner
    DC Hughes - Engineer

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