1. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    I would suggest that France is added within its own right to the list of countries to post threads under. It is very significant and would cover a multitude of topics which may be a bit excessive for a merged country section.

    I would also put forward we consider a separate section for the Holocaust. Not sure what people think here but again it perhaps does warrant its own.

  2. Friedrich H

    Friedrich H Senior Member

    I don't think so many divisions are needed. It in fact makes things awkward and not practical.

    I'd rather suggest to make more general forums.

    To make things easier, I suggest divisions like these:

    "War in the Atlantic"
    "Western Europe"
    "Eastern Europe"
    "Pacific Theatre"

    There you'll covering everything about WWII without any big problem.
  3. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    Not being funny but where do actions in Italy, Spain, Bay of Biscay, Gibraltar go for example? Depending on your views and knowledge of either the theatre of war or geographical knowledge - Western Europe or Mediterranean? Is there a dividing line?

    At least countries are what they are o_O
  4. ronaldaroo

    ronaldaroo Guest

    Perhaps as postings to the "other countries" sub heading increase a certain numbers of postings about a certain country or theatre of war could lead to a new sub heading .
    Ronald John Saunders
  5. Nick

    Nick Member

    This was a hard position for me to take. Figuring out how to seperate everything was not easy. The board right now is going through some upgrades and modifications to help improve speed and accomodate the large number of new members and posts. Please excuse any problems.

    As soon as all work is done I will start a thread asking for suggestions on how to reorganize everything - until then do your best, I'm trying to make everyone happy but that's not always easy. Also I will be working with the new moderators to try and find the best way to organize topics.

    Keep in mind this is a new forum and new things are being tested, you may not like them all but I am trying my best to appease everyone.

  6. Friedrich H

    Friedrich H Senior Member

    Not being funny but where do actions in Italy, Spain, Bay of Biscay, Gibraltar go for example?

    Italy and Gibraltar fit in Mediterranean Theatre.

    Something which has to do with some actions on the ground at Biscay, in Western Europe and land actions, in the Atlantic thread.

    Spain can fit in both, Mediterranean and Western Europe.

    Just my two cents, anyways.
  7. salientpoints

    salientpoints Senior Member

    Its a tough one for sure - a lot of where it goes does depends on your experience - either way no doubt there will be some confusion amongst visiting hoardes o_O

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