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  1. Reid

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    Hi all. Thought I'd give the huge Brains' Trust here a try for what is probably an impossible question to answer.

    How would one take steps to plot a course from a list of convoys? They wouldn't need to be an exact course, but I'd like to be able to plot an "average" course for future reference. I'm looking at something similar to this: KMF51

    Alternatively, is there someplace I can find actual charts to download or have copied?
  2. Blutto

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  3. Roy Martin

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    Occasionally you get a chart like the attached, you may already have this? More often the instructions were given as a series of positions, with other information like mid- ocean meeting points and routes for stragglers etc

    It is probably worth pointing out that ocean positions were just put on a small scale chart; but the main calculations are in the navigator's 'sight book' with things like the noon position and the distance run in the deck log. Additionally, on a merchant ship, the Chief Officer will take star sights night and morning, again put in the deck log.

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  4. Reid

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    Thanks for the info guys - I'll have to look at your link more closely Blutto and Roy, I haven't seen that one before, but it is a good example of what I'm after/attempting to plot.

    Seems it will be a job to ascertain a route, even an approximate one, so I'll have to keep at it, to discover further information to help me out.
  5. Roy Martin

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    Here is another one, but the only copy I can find is about the last day of a convoy and the attack, there is a lot of text to go with it, including some positions, which I haven't posted OB288 chart.jpg
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  6. Reid

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    Thanks, Roy, that's really interesting and certainly much more detailed than I imagined such charts would be. I do have some extracts of convoy movements that may help me plot some of my grandfather's service, so both examples are extremely helpful. :cheers:
  7. Roy Martin

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    The second one I did myself, because I couldn't find a plot. If you need any help with your plotting I am happy to assist?
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  8. Reid

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    Oh wow! It's a great job, very impressive.
    Thanks for your kind offer; I may need to request some assistance - not too sure exactly what I'll need to achieve once I get hold of some plot info for the different convoys.
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  9. Reid

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    Thanks for this link, Blutto - I thought I'd saved this site previously, but appears I didn't, so it was great to have the opportunity to read through again.

    Not exactly what I'm after, however, it does give in-depth information and stats that could be useful as I move forward.
  10. Richelieu

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    If the North Atlantic convoys are what you are after Nanette then you may find what you are looking for in the Library and Archives Canada’s Héritage project. They have made 42 reels available in the Royal Canadian Navy : Convoy Reports of Proceedings, 1939-1945 collection.

    Having only dipped into these a little myself so far, my observations are that the early reels each contain around 5-6,000 images, mostly of cipher messages that include position details that could be plotted. You may also find details of the vessels making-up the convoy, their formation and callsigns, and details of the escorts. The search facility seems to be a premium service but you can browse the collection for free.

    Many charts are available in the reels from C-5442 onwards, e.g. AT 54A. Tip: if you want to save a copy, maximise the size on the viewing screen first using the ‘+’ button to get the highest definition available.

    You may be able to find additional fragments of information in the smaller Royal Canadian Navy : movements of the HMS ships collection.

    Best of luck.
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  11. Roy Martin

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    Didn't know they existed. Many thanks Richelieu
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  12. Reid

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    Ohh Richelieu, thanks a bunch - I've got a Bank Holiday weekend, so I 'll dive right in and spend the expected wet and woolly Monday immersed in this collection.
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  13. Richelieu

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    I recognise Roy and Tim as fellow suffers but I do hope I haven’t created another addict Nanette.;)

    How goes it?
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  14. Reid

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    I was getting very excited, but then discovered they haven't included the ones I was needing. o_O Seems my convoys were missed in the groups, but, I haven't checked the final convoy: SC43, with luck that one will be there. :D

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