Coldstream Guards: Escapers & Evaders

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    Found one report on my drive, so adding this here
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    The information contained in this report is to be treated as MOST SECRET.

    This applies particularly to names and addresses of helper.

    M.I.9/S/P.G.(B )191


    Captured 7 June 1940
    Escaped 10 June 1940

    Army Service: 10 years, 5 months (Regular)
    Home Address: 30 North Side Buildings, Trimdon Grange, Co. Durham

    Left GIBRALTAR: 14th February 1941
    Arrived GIBRALTAR: 23rd February 1941

    On 7 June I was in position, as Bren gunner, covering them withdrawal West of my Unit, from ATH (BELGIUM), and was cut off by advanced German troops and taken prisoners.

    I was interrogated and searched, on capture, but gave nothing away.

    I was taken, in a lorry, through SOIGNES to NIVELLS, where on 10 June I got clear, during a halt on the road. Once away, I found some civilian clothes and, passing through LEERS, crossed into FRANCE on July 9 and to HEM. From there I made my way SOUTH through PARIS and LE HAVRE to VIERZON, but, on attempting to cross the line of demarcation, I was turned back by a German sentry and returned to HEM, where I stayed with friends until 14 October.

    Once in Unoccupied FRANCE, I took the train to LYONS and MARSEILLES and from there to PERRIGNAN, which I left on foot for the Spanish frontier, crossing the latter opposite FIGUERAS. I was arrested in SPAIN and spent nine weeks destained in various concentration camps, before release and repatriation through MADRID and GIBRALTAR.

    I saw aerodromes at:-

    1 MANVILLE, near LE HAVRE.
    2 On the righthand side of main road DREUX - CHARTRES.

    Two chateaux at HEM (Nord) housed German troops and ammunition.

    INTERVIEWED BY M.I.9 on 25th February 1941.

    Brigadier N.A.D. BROOKES
    Lieutenant-Colonel A.M. ANSTRUTHER


    APPENDIX A - M.I. 9/S/P.G. (B )191


    M. et Mme. CROMELYCK, Place de la Republique, HEM (Nord)
    Provided food and lodging
    (August / October 1940)

    Mme. TULLY, 25 Rue de Calvaire, HEM (Nord)
    Provided food and 300 francs
    (August / October 1940)

    M. DEKEYSON, 382 Rue Jules Guesde, HEM (Nord)
    Provided a French Identity Card
    (August / October 1940)

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    The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details
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    Hem is located a little to the east of Lille, south of Tourcoing and a little to the west of the Belgian frontier.
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    114122 Lieutenant John William YOUNGER, 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS,

    Although Lieutenant YOUNGER tried to break though the enemy lines after the capitulation of TOBRUCK, he was captured on 21 June 1942, and was transferred to ITALY. After his release from Camp 49 (FONTANELLATO) on 9 September 1943, he spent four months with Italians in the PELEGRION area. At the end of January 1044 he went with two other Prisoners of War to join a newly formed partisan band, but a month later, as the prospects of receiving arms were still slight, he returned to PELEGRINO. Here he formed an organisation for sending escapers to SWITZERLAND, resulting in eighteen Officers reaching safety. A further period spent with partisans was terminated when Lieutenant YOUNGER was instructed to collect P/W for an evacuation scheme. During the return from this effort, which had proved a failure, the party was dispersed by the enemy. Lieutenant YOUNGER and another Officer therefore went back to PELEGRINO. Early in June Lieutenant YOUNGER again joined an active guerrilla band. Upon the conclusion of six weeks' service he was sent on a special mission to COMPIANO. Acting in accordance with instructions received, he participated in another unsuccessful evacuation scheme. He returned once more to PELEGRINO, where he collected all types of military information, passing it on to other British Officers for transmission to the Allied Forces. For a month Lieutenant YOUNGER commanded a Partisan group, which, under his leadership carried out acts of sabotage. Early in October 1944 he joined party of prisoners who were guided to an American unit at SERAVEEZA.

    Recommended for the award of the M.B.E.

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