Clock belonging to the Regt.(5th Batt. Duke of Wellington's Regiment

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  1. Geronimo

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    I found this beautiful piece today at a flea market in Germany (of all places)
    I gave it a bit of wax,(but no more) as it probably hasn´t seen any since the Regt. disposed of it!
    what do you think, should I polish the brass plates as it probably was, during its service time, or leave them as they are?
    Interesting to note that the last engravement was done in 1939...Where has the plaque been since then?

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  2. Owen

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    What a super timepiece.
  3. Drew5233

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    I wonder if the unit took it with them to France-Assuming you got it in Germany?

    There was a 43rd LAA Regt in France from Feb to June 1940. Perhaps they were captured?

    There is no 5 Duke of Boots listed as going to France in 39/40.

    Hopefully one of the RA chaps will be able to help

    Thanks for posting the pics
  4. sol

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    1936.12.10 43rd (5th Duke of Wellington's Regiment) Anti-Aircraft Battalion, RE
    * 370 Company at Huddersfield
    * 371 Company at Huddersfield
    * 372 Company at Huddersfield
    * 373 Company at Huddersfield

    1940.08.01 43rd (5th Bn The Duke of Wellington's Regiment) Searchlight Regiment, RA
    HQ at Huddersfield
    * 370 Battery at Huddersfield
    * 371 Battery at Huddersfield
    * 372 Battery at Huddersfield
    * 373 Battery at Huddersfield

    1942.02.18 43rd Searchlight Regiment, RA (5th Bn The Duke of Wellington's Regiment)
    1944.10.16 43rd Garrison Regiment, RA (5th Duke of Wellington's Regiment)
    1944.11.01 600th Regiment, RA (5th Bn The Duke of Wellington's Regiment)

    BTW beautiful clock Jimmy
  5. Owen

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  6. Pete Keane

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    Thats an excellent find - I wonder how it ended up in a flea market in Germany?

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