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    The obits are focusing on "The Sound of Music", but I'll always remember him for "Battle of Britain" and "Waterloo".

    Apparently, he also played Rommel in "Night of the Generals", although it has been a long time since I've seen that movie and I was only reminded of this by a google search.

    Never knew until I started reading the obits that he was Canadian.
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    dont forget aces high Aces_High_UK_poster.jpg
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    Very good call. Long time since I've seen that movie also.
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    Apparently Christopher P was not keen on his character in The Sound of Music as it was too 2-dimensional. He called the film The Sound of Mucus!
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    Triple Cross (1966 film) - Wikipedia
    Triple Cross was based loosely on the real-life story of Eddie Chapman, believed by the Nazis to be their top spy in Great Britain, although he was actually an MI5 double agent known as "Zigzag".


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    I am a Canadian. Plummer was one of the greats. He will be missed.
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