Cheese Rolling - Coopers Hill, Glos

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Slipdigit, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Oh my goodness, I found another strange English sporting event.

    British Shin Kicking Championship 2008 - MSN Video :lol:

    Please, oh please, tell me more about this.:cowboy_125:

    Aah, two great Cotswold sports. As a north Gloucestershire lad who went to school in Chipping Campden, the home of John Dover's games. AKA the Cotswold Olimpicks. We were taught shin kicking in our games lesson, only in the run up to Dover's hill games you understand, it's not that we're odd or anything.
    It must be about celebrating the Cotswold hills as much as anything else as the Cheese rolling down Cooper's hill is just as bizarre. And having stood at the maypole at the top, the steepness cannot be judged by watching the video images. It does appear suicidal, near vertical in parts and with no flat run-off area at the bottom, catchers are employed to prevent cider fuelled participants from hitting a chain link fence at full chat! Hilarious fun.

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    YouTube - Traditional Bampton Morris Dancers, Whit Monday, 2007

    and also a up til now undiscovered British Dance craze:
    YouTube - At Last the 1948 Show - Chartered Accountant Dance

    Its the Chartered Accountant Dance!!!

    That was Tim Brooke-Taylor, I only recognised him at the end!

    Just to balance things here a little, if men in Lederhosen is more your thing:

    The last one really kicks *...

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    Hi Jeff,
    We’ve be taught to eat our food, no matter how bad it is…

    Instead we have fun like this

    Which I see has been picked up by a few across the pond as well.
    Ancient sport of Irish road bowling alive and well in West Virginia

    Y'all don't have a lot of excitement in Ireland, do ya? I see why Gott is such a big NFL fan.
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    No Excitement??? :D

    YouTube - Tipperary V Kilkenny Hurling League Semi Final 2008

    Or this

    YouTube - Tyrone V Kerry All-Ireland Final 2005

    NFL is fantastic but our homegrown sports are as good if not better :cowboy_125:
    Our "hurling" championships involve large amounts of alcohol.
    Hurling reminds me of Lacrosse

    The second sport looked a lot like Australian Rules Football Irish version of the game?

    I don’t know about that now Jeff. :D I think GH would agree that we can generate a lot of excitement from these particular activities: traffic stopping, prettiest sash and of course, guess who is on the banner …


    I noted that the band in the first clip was playing Dixie, a tune that a certain segment (a very vocal minority group of malcontents) of our population gets all bent out of shape over if it is played in public. We call the second tune, When Johnny Come Marching Home. Is it the same there?

    Y'all have anything like this?
    YouTube - Bodacious The Undefeated Rodeo Bull Video
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    I tried to find a video of a bull I used to see named Mack the Knife. He was a huge brindle bull with mismatched horns. One turned up and foward and the other wrapped down under his jaw. He was some kinda mean. As soon as he would throw the rider, which was usually fairly quickly, he would turn around and go after them, trying to stomp and gore them. The clowns had a devil of time protecting the rider because he would also go after them, also. He was vicious. I've not seen him in years.
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    One of my favourite 'merican sports that we get here as it goes. We get a glimpse of pro bull riding shown on cable over here. The Built Ford Tough series. I Just watched some tonight.

    Great stuff.
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    Has anyone seen the mad event which takes place at Coopers Hill (last Bank holiday in May) in Gloucestershire every year. It involves chasing an 8lb cheese wheel down a very steep hill. Sheer lunacy and a typically British thing. People now come from all over the world to take part. There were only 58 casualties this year.

    Enjoy the film footage from Youtube

    Cheese rolling contest results in 58 casualities, one bruised cheese - Asylum UK | For All Mankind -- Men's Lifestyle, Opinion and Humour

    I was invited by my Brother's future son-in-law to be one of the tacklers at the bottom. Declined citing the insanity loophole as a defense.
  17. Gerard

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    This is why I am in awe of all things British. Totally eccentric and utterly brilliant!!
  18. Za Rodinu

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    Was it an European or an African cheese?
  19. Gerard

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    Was it an European or an African cheese?
    I dont knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo........................
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    Watched it the TV the other night, daft but fun. I buy my cheese at Tesco, thank goodness.

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