Cavalry recruitment areas/county affiliations

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    Hopefully I have posted this query in the right section.

    I was wondering if anyone knew (or knew where to look) how to find out what the recruitment areas were for different cavalry/RAC units prior to (and possibly including) WW2?

    Having scoured the internet I have failed to find any useful info - probably my poor research skills over anything else! Certainly there is a lot of information regarding infantry recruitment areas (especially as the hint is often in the regimental title!) and the Cardwell/Childers reforms of the infantry are well understood, however the same level of information does not appear for the RAC.

    Whilst some unit names are fairly self explanatory (8th Royal Irish Hussars, Scots Grey etc), and the Yeomanry seem to have always had a county affiliation, most line regiments are simply referred to by number.

    Certainly the RAC in its current format has relatively strict recruiting areas although some recruiting areas do overlap. Working back through the various amalgamations can give some idea of original recruiting areas but this seems to be haphazard at best.

    So (in short):

    1) Did regiments within the line cavalry/RAC have set recruiting areas?

    2) If so, where can I find information regarding the different areas?

    As ever any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks all,

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