Casa Berardi & Triquet's VC action.

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    Last Thursday after visiting Ortona we called in at the Casa Berardi where Paul Triquet of the Van Doos won his Victoria Cross.
    At first we were a bit put out that the house was being renovated .
    When we showed the chap there the guide book with pictures of the Casa in WW2 he said , "That's my Grandmother."
    He's having the casa converted to a luxurious B&B.
    We were chuffed to bits with that but even more so when he invited us in to look around the cellar where the wounded stayed in 1943 which will soon hold a jacuzzi , toilet & lounge.

    Here is the B&B website.
    see new website address in post #7

    Details on Paul Triquet's VC.
    Capt. Paul Triquet - Veterans Affairs Canada
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    Plaque on the wall of the Casa.

    Wall to be kept showing battle damage, rest of casa has been repaired.

    The happy band of travellers.

    View of casa from behind Van Doos Memorial.

    Memorial to the Van Doos, Royal 22e Régiment .
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    This was one of the most interesting things we did on a fascinating day spent around Ortona. I really hope we get the chance to stay here one day! That's a superb photo of the chap's grandparents - even better than the one in the guidebook we had!

    Couple of my own photos.

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    Another view:

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    Google Earth Co-ords
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    Owen, thanks for the link to the The Casa Beradi website, which has an excellent video on youtube titled 'Ortona 1943. A bloody Christmas.'

    Full movie is available at Sd Cinematografica

    I was there in Ortona last year at the suggestion of Tom, Owen and Paul. Amazing seaside town that saw fierce action 68 years ago.

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    Thanks for the post, like the then and now photos, also looks a great place to stay
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    December 14, 1943
    Captain Paul Triquet earned a Victoria Cross at Casa Berardi during the Second World War

    On December 14, 1943, Captain Paul Triquet of the Royal 22e Régiment was taking part in an advance just south of Ortona, Italy. Triquet’s company encountered fierce resistance, taking heavy casualties, but pushed on. At one point, when the enemy was observed on all sides, he shouted “There are enemy in front of us, behind us and on our flanks, there is only one safe place—that is on the objective!” The men captured and held Casa Berardi until reinforcements could arrive. For his courageous leadership, Triquet received the Victoria Cross—the highest award for military valour that a Canadian could receive. Photo: Library and Archives Canada.


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