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    I am helping a friend find out more about the early life of her father. He was in uniform in WW2, being recruited in Jamaica, trained in New Orleans and eventually was sent to Africa. This was all towards the end of WW2. I am guessing that he was probably a member of the CARIBBEAN REGIMENT. Does this photo of him (probably in period of training) back up this theory? His year of birth was 1924, though it was possibly recorded as 1923. Any help gratefully received.

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    Welcome to the forum. I hope there is a lot of info posted on this topic. I'd like to learn about it.
    All the Jamaicans I've known are ridiculously hard working. I felt pathetic if I only only worked ten hours when I was with them. I bet it was a great unit.
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    There is this: Caribbean Regiment - Wikipedia

    I know there is a UK-based association that promotes remembering their activity, but not found late this evening.
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    Is this the same man?
    UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960
    Name: Mr R D Barnes
    Arrival Age: 29
    Birth Date: abt 1924
    Port of Departure: Kingston, Jamaica
    Arrival Date: 21 Dec 1953
    Port of Arrival: London, England
    Ports of Voyage: Kingston and Port Antonio
    Ship Name: Jamaica Producer
    Shipping Line: Jamaica Banana Producers Steamship Company Ltd
    Official Number: 156140

    Aged 29 in 1953 would be born 1924

    From a family tree - possible
    Ralford DeCosta Barnes
    BIRTH 11 JUN 1924 • Jamaica
    DEATH 17 DEC 1976 • Brompton, Hospital, London, London, England


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