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    Can anyone help with this cap badge please? The man who it belonged to died in 1945 and is on our Roll of Honour but I have been unable to find any military records for him. His obituary states he was in the forces for four years and I have a photo of him in uniform but nothing else. He was called Thomas Philbin, of Bacup.
    Thanks In Advance :)

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    Hi Jemm

    Might be easier for those of us with non 20/20 vision if you could post a larger image please


    This is a possible
    Thomas Philbin
    BIRTH 5 JUL 1913 • Chorley, Lancashire
    DEATH 19 MAR 1945 • Rochdale

    Its about the only man by that name with an age relevant to WW2 who died in 1945, I have no idea why he might be on your RoH

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Thomas Philbin
    Death Age: 31
    Birth Date: abt 1914
    Registration Date: Jan 1945
    [Feb 1945]
    [Mar 1945]
    Registration Quarter: Jan-Feb-Mar
    Registration District: Littleborough
    Inferred County: Lancashire
    Volume: 8e
    Page: 115
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  3. AB64

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    Looks like Border Regiment
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    I agree.
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    Is this the Thomas Philbin you are talking about

    Lancashire OnLine Parish Clerk Project
    Burial: 23 Mar 1945 Cemetery, Bacup, Lancs.
    Thomas Philbin -
    Age: 31
    Abode: Wardle
    Occupation: Watchman
    Grave: G739
    Notes: Birch Hill
    Consecrated Ground: Yes
    Class: 3rd
    Parish removed from: Wardle
    Buried by: A Rankilor
    Register: Burials 1938 - 1959, Page 277, Entry 32266
    Source: Original Register

    If this is him then I would assume from the occupation for him that he probably wasnt serving. Is there any details from the instructions for the RoH that might mention why he was included, someone, somewhere made the list and why the names that are included were included - Parish records etc might be worth a try


    Also interesting to note that it states 'Parish removed from: Wardle' - might be worth finding out why that is stated
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  6. Tony56

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    Looks like he died at Wardle.
    Philbin 1.jpg

    Event Type: Marriage Registration
    Name: Thomas Philbin
    Event Date: 1936
    Event Place: Haslingden, Lancashire, England
    Registration District: Haslingden
    Volume: 8E
    Affiliate Line Number: 10
    Registration Year: 1936
    Registration Quarter: Apr-May-Jun
    Spouse Name (available after 1911): Corless
    Possible Spouse: Alice Corless
  7. Tony56

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    At 8 Prince Street in 1939, dob 5 July 1913, Alice remarried.
    Philbin 2.jpg
  8. jemm

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    Yes that is Thomas, Wardle is the location of the Birch Hill Hospital, I have his obituary from our local paper so was aware he wasn't serving at the time of his death. Thomas is one of five men who I believe were added to the ROH by mistake as the ROH was only supposed to contain the names of the men and 1 woman who had paid the ultimate sacrifice during the war.
  9. jemm

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    Thank you Tullybrone and AB64. Thomas's nephew contacted me late yesterday and gave me the information that he was in the Military Police at some point during his service :)
  10. jemm

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    Hi Tony thanks for your post, I had all his information I just didn't know in which regiment he served :)
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