'C' Squadron 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment

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    Sorry I forgot to add this before I Posted the photograph - this is the first time I have Posted a photograph, so please excuse my lack of knowledge.

    I know photographs of 3rd reconnaissance are few and far between, well at least I have found them difficult to find. Luckily my brother in law had this one which includes my father, second row up, 6th from the left, proudly displaying his sergeant's stripes. Although the 'Badge' at the top of the photograph states 'Reconnaissance Corps' I think this is something added when the photograph was framed, as my father was not made W/Sgt until March 1944, by which time they were Reconnaissance Regiment. Also at the bottom of the photograph frame the description is - 'C' Squadron, 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment - with no (NF). This also suggests to me that this was added when the frame was made, if it had been officially framed I do not think the (NF) would have been omitted.
    I am sorry it is a bit blurry around the edges but I scanned it on my desk top scanner and the photo was not a perfect fit.
    Hopefully this will be of some benefit to other 3rd RECCE researchers.

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