Burma's Secret Jungle War

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  1. toki2

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    Interesting programme coming up on BBC 2 on Sunday at 8pm. Joe Simpson using his father's diary to follow in his footsteps through Burma with the Chindits.
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  2. bamboo43

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    Thanks for the heads up toki2. There should be another Chindit related programme on Channel 4 soon as well. What do they say about London buses!
  3. Shiny 9th

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    Will watch this one.One write up records this was another soldier who did not say much about his experiences.
  4. bamboo43

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    What a very interesting programme. I have seen my first glimpse of several locations of Chindit significance, including the Shweli River. Joe Simpson's route is not so very far off my own grandfather's attempt to exit Burma via the Kachin State and in to Yunnan Province. I would love to have been with them on their odyssey, although my age would be a prohibitive factor now.
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  5. bevmawer

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    Good viewing and answering some questions that I had and my father would not answer. What an emotional journey, even choked me up from time to time
    looking forward to next week's episode
  6. John Redell

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  7. bamboo43

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    As an interesting reaction to the programme (I think). My website took a 100% spike in visits for the following two days.
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  9. dbf

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    Watched it all, pity he didn't get to visit it all. Must have been quite emotional for him to be reading his father's diary at some of the actual locations. Wished though there'd been more about Morris Force, perhaps more excerpts from the diary, etc.
  10. bamboo43

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    I agree Diane, could have been more information about Morris Force and its activities. I definitely agree with Joe Simpson about the people of Burma, they made our visit in 2008 very special indeed.
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