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  1. RCG

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    Hi All. I Have just joined WW2 talk and must say there is a lot of information to be found in here, hopefully I will be able to contribute something as time goes by but first I would like to ask if anyone can identify where this pic was taken and who were the men in it.


    Believed to be somewhere in Burma 1940-45. I have never seen this pic in any books and I've read a few. I have a few more ideas in my head as to where it was, but hope someone can state exactly where it is, so as to confirm my train of research.

    Thanks Richard
  2. Owen

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    Wewlcome to the forum.
    As for the photo...haven't a clue, sorry.
  3. von Poop

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    Hi Richard,
    Nice shot - Somewhat reminiscent of 'It ain't half hot mum'...
    Actually, it does almost look like they're standing on a stage.

    I can't see a single badge or other identifier (not that i'm much use at this stuff), do you have any other info that goes with the photo?

    Good luck, and welcome aboard,
  4. WotNoChad?

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    Allo Richard welcome to the forum.

    I had a single immediate response to your photo, which was "Isn't that Spike Milligan on the right?", the one holding his beret.

    Not much use I'd imagine. Esp. as he served in N.Africa and Italy...
  5. von Poop

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    Tell you what though Chad, it really does look like him.
    My copies of his war books are in pieces, can anyone match up any other faces?.. Just in case. :unsure:
  6. WotNoChad?

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    I'll see if I can't find mine on Saturday, although I know they're packed with all my other Milligan books so it's just finding the motherlode.
  7. Warlord

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    Welcome aboard, mate.
  8. RCG

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    From Spikes book Where have all the bullets gone.
    so its not him. (A bit too Skinny) But raises another question was it Spikes brother Desmond.
  9. Ron Goldstein

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    Welcome aboard !

    My guess would be a signals unit with local Indian Army officers attached.

  10. Elven6

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    Looking at the vegetation behind them, it *might* not be India, but I'm not 100% sure.
  11. Pete Keane

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    The guy with the three pips & moustache looks like Lord Lucan.....

    Where did the photo come from, that may give a clue.
  12. RCG

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    The group photo Burma/India, and why I am looking for the information. In 1963 when I was thirteen I was informed that my uncle Levi had died in Australia. As he had emigrated there in 1950 (Think the government was encouraging people to emigrate then) the year I was born and this was the first and last I had heard of him until a few years ago, when his family in Australia contacted our family in the UK.
    Having met his widow Anne and son Sydney and daughter Heather, they gave me a pic of Levi’s grave. (Have not got a lot of information from them as to what he actually did in the war, but working on it.)

    I don’t know what it is but something about that picture of his grave has been nagging at me to find out more.
    So here I am searching. After questioning my father Levi’s Brother about Levi’s army service which he did not know a lot about, but after searching through his old photos he found this one and the group one. These I presume were sent by Levi to my Grandmother. Will let you guess where he is on photo.

    So what have we got.

    11407315 Sgt Levi Gray born 1920 so was 19 when war broke out. Joined the Royal Norfolk Regiment date unknown. (Awaiting records from Royal Norfolk Regiment museum.) Was somewhere hot as in pics, so must have been with 2 battalion.
    In Peter Hart’s book At the sharp end from Le Paradis to Kohima which follows The 2nd Royal Norfolk Regiment 1940 to 45.
    So 2RNR were in India east of Bombay (Mumbi) April1942- April 44 stationed mostly at Ahmednagar.
    Training at these Camps: Belguam (Belagavi) Jungle and advanced infantry and officer training school.
    And the one I think where the group pic was taken, is Shimoga (shivamagga)
    As this was a Joint Jungle training, NCOs and Officers.
    re: badges and insigna were removed so when captured it was harder for the enemy to work out whos who.
    So at the moment it looks as if it’s a group photo of those passing a jungle training course, pre April 1944 before 2RNR were flown in Dakotas to Dimapur ready to join the battle for Kohima.

    Richard John Bingham Lord Lucan 18 December 1934 (74 if still living)
    So would have only been 10 in 1944.

    Regards Richard

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