Brunssum War Cemetery Graves 7/1/45

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    I visited Brunssum War Cemetery in Limburg, Netherlands at the weekend. It is right on the German border and many of the casualties were killed in mine clearance in Germany. There is a whole row of graves, many with two names, of men from the Kings Own Scottish Borderers and Royal Engineers who were all killed on 7 January 1945 (I’ve posted photos of some of the graves).

    I searched through the 52nd Div. history (Mountain and Flood), but found no mention of Jan 7. I looked online and all I could find was this from the BBC WW2 People’s War website:

    “On 7 January 1945, 17 men of the 4th Battalion KOSB and 30 Royal Engineers (RE) sappers were killed while laying an anti-tank minefield. Another four KOSBs died the same night in another incident in the same minefield. In the two blasts, 2,400 mines exploded.”

    Does anyone have more information about this? What exactly happened and where?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Peace lights for British war heroes December 21st at 6.00 pm ( local time)

    I received this email yesterday from Ruud Scholten, but I cannot attend.

    Vredeslichtjes voor Britse oorlogshelden

    De Britse soldaten hebben voor de vrijheid van Nederland, voor ons, gevochten. Zonder hen zouden wij niet de vrijheid hebben waar wij nu zo van kunnen genieten.
    De mannen die begraven liggen op de Britse begraafplaats zijn helden. Wij, van Vredeslicht Landgraaf, willen samen met u, de adoptanten, deze helden eren.
    Tijdens de donkere dagen willen wij gezamenlijk het Vredeslicht verspreiden over de begraafplaats.
    Zou u ons willen helpen om deze vredeslichtjes te verspreiden? Kom dan op 21 december 18:00 uur naar de begraafplaats.Lichtjes zijn ter plaatse beschikbaar. Wilt u een Vredeslichtje mee naar huis nemen?
    Neemt u dan alstublieft een kaarsje van thuis mee of koop bij ons een Vredeslichtkaars.
    Samen kunnen wij het licht verspreiden en dit Vredeslicht ook verdelen in het hiernamaals.

    Peace lights for British war heroes

    The British soldiers fought for the freedom of the Netherlands, us. If it were not for them we would not have the freedom we enjoy so much today. The men buried at this British war cemetery are heroes.
    We, Vredeslicht Landgraaf (Peace light Landgraaf), would very much, together with you, honour these heroes. During the dark days of winter we would like to spread the light of peace on the cemetery.
    Would you be willing to help us spread the lights? We would like to welcome you to the war cemetery Brunssum on December 21 at 6:00 pm. Lights will be available on the spot.
    Would you like to take a light of peace home with you? Please, bring your own candle or buy one at our shop. Together we can spread the light not just here, but also in the hereafter.

    Met vriendelijke groet - Kind regards - Mit freundlichen grüßen

    Ruud Scholten
    Voorzitter - Stichting War Cemetery Brunssum Poppy2009bew
    Ereveld met 328 Ereburgers van de gemeente Brunssum
    Eerste Commonwealth begraafplaats met grafadoptie ter wereld
    Ere Beschermheer - Majoor Marco Kroon
    Ridder Militaire Willems-Orde.
    Beschermheer - Squadron Leader (Ret.) Dhr. Rex Thompson
    Voorzitter Royal Air Force Association
    Amsterdam Branch/Club Limburg.

    Prinses Beatrixstraat 55
    6441AH Brunssum
    Tel: +31-(0)622092664
    Mail: warcemeterybrunssum { at }
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    Hi Shaun - I had a NATO posting to Brunssum a few years ago and read about the disaster with the mines. Not sure if I have any written material on the incident but I do remember where I believe the disaster happened. It was on the road called Eindstraat, which runs between Mindergangelt (D) and Schinveld (NL), just where it crosses the border (on the 't' of Deutschland on the air photo).



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