Brunssum War Cemetery Graves 7/1/45

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    I visited Brunssum War Cemetery in Limburg, Netherlands at the weekend. It is right on the German border and many of the casualties were killed in mine clearance in Germany. There is a whole row of graves, many with two names, of men from the Kings Own Scottish Borderers and Royal Engineers who were all killed on 7 January 1945 (I’ve posted photos of some of the graves).

    I searched through the 52nd Div. history (Mountain and Flood), but found no mention of Jan 7. I looked online and all I could find was this from the BBC WW2 People’s War website:

    “On 7 January 1945, 17 men of the 4th Battalion KOSB and 30 Royal Engineers (RE) sappers were killed while laying an anti-tank minefield. Another four KOSBs died the same night in another incident in the same minefield. In the two blasts, 2,400 mines exploded.”

    Does anyone have more information about this? What exactly happened and where?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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