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    Myth I would does generate income for the authors and publishers.

    These "truths" emerge from time to time.A few years ago the ST Magazine ran an account claiming that Grover Williams,the SOE agent had survived his Nazi execution and was living in France.

    The same magazine,almost 30 years ago,made the claim of a author,I cannot recollect his name,that the real reason for the SS outrage at Oradour sur Glane was that there was a stash of gold in the village.

    The stash of gold theory is mentioned in my oradour pages, but also there is the theory that the church was an arms cache. The French deny it but the evidence of german witnesses claim the the church, in which they had filled with women and children, blew up rather spectacularly and cannot be attributed to the (alleged) throwing of hand grenades through the windows.

    But, whatever the reason, the result is beyond doubt, the extermination of 99% of an entire small town in the Limoge region. There is also a theory mentioned in the papers that a German Lt, caught by the Resistance, spotted an Oradour sign post through a chink in the vehicle he was in, and later he was able to relate this to the authorities, causing Das Reich Division to be temporarily diverted to Oradour during its march north to meet the Advancing allies.

    The only thing that is certain is the 'facts' are under lock and key until 2030AD and even then the French may not release them. This is by agreement between Germany & France.

    The golden theory is in the book Oradour by Robin Mackness
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    Has anyone ever come across photographs or sketches of Harold Cole by any chance? The following website page has a short item about the treachery of Harold Cole, accompanied by a couple of images:

    Up to this time, these are the only images I have seen of Harold Cole? Does anyone who has read Airey Neave's book where he discusses Cole know if there are photographs in there please?
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    Harold Cole ('Paul) - one of his many faces.

    One of the many faces of the treacherous Harold Cole (nom de guerre 'Paul' or 'Sgt. Cools'). In some respects, he is still an elusive character!

    Thanks to the Cumbria County Archives (Whitehaven) and the Bondues Resistance Museum in identifying this image as that of the treacherous 'double agent' Harold Cole.

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