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    Hoping others on the forum can help me with something I saw in a book a couple of years ago, and I had wondered if there was any truth to it.

    The book was I think about what seemed to German commando raids on Britain & published only a few years ago.

    But the bit that intrigued me was a comment that a pow either saw some older prisoners in Home Guard uniform when he arrived at a German POW camp, or they arrived when he was there. The implication being that these men were captured during one of the german raids & taken back to occupied Europe as pows.

    I am aware that some of the Home Guard Auxileries, trained in explosives & evasion incase of the Invasion of Britain, were recruited by SOE etc to serve behind the lines in France later in the war.
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    As Capt Mainwaring would say
    Realms of fantasy
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    Thanks for the link, it was the book on Shingle Street that I was remembering, and will read the link.

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