Brancepeth Castle DLI Depot and ITC

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    Following an earlier thread regarding Brancepeth (Polish) I thought I`d put a few photographs up of the DLI Depot during WW2 The photographs came from a small booklet sold in aid of the PoW fund.Hope they bring back a few memories for anyone who spent time there.

    Above;-Flag Tower from the courtyard.

    Above;- The Castle Keep from the courtyard.

    Aboveand Below ;-Officers Mess Anti Room


    Above;-Officers Mess Billiard Room.
    Above and Below;-The Old DLI Regimental Museum.


    Above;- Sgts Mess Ante Room.

    Above;- The `Canteen`.

    Above;- The men`s Dining Hall (like the flowers!)

    Above;- The Mens Recreation Room.

    Above;- The Castles main staircase.

    Above;-The Great Hall.

    Above;-The castle from the South west.

    Above;- The old street in Brancepeth leading to the castle and the Church (St Brandons).
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    Like most of them - cold and forbidding - Edinburgh Castle -Stirling Castle - Gibralter Barracks at Bury St Edmonds- even the RAC depot at Rieti Italy- but there was sunshine there at least !
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  3. Hi mate, thought you might like to know that in the late 1960's I worked as a joiner on the Castle, it was bought by Pyrex the well known glassware company.
    The building was changed internally quite significantly, all the ceiling were lowered and many large rooms were partitioned off.
    I remember finding a secret room below another room only about 4 feet high with assorted items such as an old respirator,a pair of daps, letters, training pamphlets on beyonet fighting and a copy of "Right or Wrong?" (Elements of Training and Leadership, Illustrated dated 1937). I still have this publication which sold for 6d and on the front cover it is marked "Band", some of the cartoon type examples are excellent.
    Happy days,
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    Great seeing the photos. The family who now live in the castle our friends of ours, Well the mam was a lovely old lady,
    I myself have done research inti 68 regiment of Foot. Before it became D.L.I.,
    Can you remember the D.L.I. momorial that was in the court yard. Its a bit of a ness at monent. Need to know what it was like.
    Anyway copy of photos
    Dennis Gatesv
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    Hello Dennis,
    The person who posted the photos doesn't come here anymore I`m afraid but I have sent them a message asking about the memorial in the Courtyard ? They replied;-

  6. Mr Jinks

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    I`ll wait a little longer to see if this is the memorial that DENWAR1 is referring to before I make another request for those images :)

  7. Mr Jinks

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    I`m not sure if the confirmation is coming but I have been sent the photographs and it would be rude if I didn't post them up here. This maybe the Brancepeth Castle Memorial or it may not but I think the photos are really interesting especially as the DLI Museum is set to close and the `VC Gun` is going into storage :(


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    Wakenshaw VC details


    Brave man

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    Two things learned from this thread that I didn't know/realise before are:

    1. Adam Wakenshaw's service number is 4270383 and is from the Royal Northumberland Fusliers army number allocation, so he must have had prior service with the RNF (even if only basic training) prior to joining the Durham Light Infantry; and

    2. He attended St Alyosius School, Newcastle, which is the same school my father attended; as did Dad's two older brothers. My Dad always pronounced the school name (phonetically) 'Al-a-wish-us'.

    Both Dad's older brothers served in WWII, the eldest Fred was also in 50th (Northumbrian) Division and was also killed. Given the similarity in ages of Fred and Adam Wakenshaw, I feel certain that they would have known each other; at the very least through school.
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    Hi Kyle
    Sorry long delay in reply, No that's no what I mean, But thank you very much for the photo, I have been showing it to some friends of mine, they don't know about the stone either.
    But the memorial is in the castle ground, Last time I saw it was before our old friend died, ( she was a lovely old lady, she bought the castle, used the castle to raise money for Charities, anyway, the memorial stone is covered with building rubbish, I have spoke to one or two of the family, but his was before the Mother past on, so have not been back since, sorry to say.

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