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Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by MongoUK, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. MongoUK

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    Has anyone been through the archives at Bovington?

    Having looked through thousands of records at Kew, I'm looking to potentially visit for GHQ Liaison Regiment and 12th Lancers information, to see if there's any different info that The National Archives may not have.

    It is, however, a 400 mile round trip, so I was wondering if anyone who has been knows how extensive their archives are? Especially, if known, in relation to these 2 units?

  2. SDP

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    Excellent and massive Archive but bear in mind it focuses on Armoured Fighting Vehicles and the Royal Tank Regiment and has very little information about other units etc. I doubt they will have much, if any, information about 12th Lancers as the Unit. Best thing would be to phone them and ask for Jonathan Holt who will be able to tell you what information they have. In short, brilliant for photos, documents and (some) War Diaries but not the place to go for detailed information about Cavalry units.
  3. MongoUK

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    Thanks SDP, will get in contact.

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