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  1. JamesDrury

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    Hi all

    Strange request I know ..... sorry
    I have a page from a book and wondering if anyone had the book and could copy the next page.
    The page I have is attached, the book I think is:

    The Story Of The Border Regiment 1939 - 1945


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  2. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    If no one offers I have the book but am not on my lap top I can post up later if that's ok.

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  3. JamesDrury

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    amazing - thank you !
  4. Deacs

    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria. Patron

    Hi James hope this is ok if you need any more let me know.

    tried valient.jpg
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  5. AB64

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    I was just looking through my copy, but rather than "Tried and Valiant" I was looking at "The Story of the Border Regiment 1939-45" as per the original request and was getting confused as it stops at chapter XI
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  6. JamesDrury

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    So for the confusion ... That's fab thanks - my grandfather was with 146 RAC (9th DoW) but didn't sail to India with the rest of his regiment. On his way, he is shown as 'transferred to 2nd Borders' for 1 month so I was just trying to place them between 27.2.42 to 29.3.42 and what they might have been doing. were the 2nd Border infantry or RAC ?
    I think he remained in the UK to undergo mechanised conversion training when his regiment became RAC before sailing to India. He must have gone via Cylon, been attached to the borders before heading to join his regiment.

    anyway thanks for the info - very much appreciated !
  7. Skoyen89

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    2 Borders were infantry
  8. JamesDrury

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    Went to the NA today and found the war diary for the 2BR - glad i did :)

    My Grandfather was transferred to them on the 27th Feb 1942.
    In the war diary for that date it noted 1 NCO and 9 O.R transferred to the Bttn from 146 Reg as Carrier drivers.
    As he was a corporal then i assume this was him :) so now know what he was doing and where.

    They were a poona with orders to embark at Calcutta for overseas. They headed there, embarked on the SS Jaladurga, sailed in to the river to await escort. stayed there 2 days and then ordered back to Calcutta, disembark and then on to Meerut.

    My grandfather was with them untill the 29th March when he 're-transfered' back to 146 RAC.
    In the war diary in Merrut on the 19/20th Feb it notes all Carriers handed over to an Indian unit so assume when this happened my Grandfather headed back to his own unit.

    its nice to be able to put places times and tasks to a time period :)
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