Books about the capture of General Kreipe

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  1. Chris C

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    Ill Met By Moonlight (William Stanley Moss) is I suppose the most famous. My question is, what's the best one to read?

    There's also apparently Abducting A General (Leigh Fermor) and I ran across Kidnap in Crete (Rick Stroud, 2015) yesterday at a used book sale.
  2. jonheyworth

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    And the glossed over murder of his driver . A war crime is a war crime !
  3. Orwell1984

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    There's also this one:

    which is interesting as it's written by a Greek and publishing by a Cretan publisher.
    You can get relatively cheap copies here: 9789608688339 - The Abduction of General Kreipe by G Harokopos - AbeBooks

    I know the Stroud book touted its access to Cretan sources as well as Moss' and Fermor's accounts to fill out the story as the blurb claims:
  4. andy007

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    While I haven't read it yet I have the below book, purchased in Crete a couple of years ago for about 10 Euros....I'll eventually get around to reading it!

  5. Charley Fortnum

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    A relative sent me this last Christmas, but I haven't read it. If anybody needs a look-up, I'm happy to pull it off the shelf
  6. Shiny 9th

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    I am sure we had a close relative of Mr Harokopos posting on here a while ago on a similar thread.

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