Bomber Command Book Recollections (Recommend)

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    "Out of the Italian Night" by Maurice Lihou

    and slightly off topic but a very informative read

    "The Battle of Hamburg" by Martin Middlebrook
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    Some of my recommendations
    Strike Hard Strike Sure by Ralph Barker
    Heroic Endeavour (The remarkable story of a Pathfinder Force attack, a Victoria Cross and 206 brave men) by Sean Feast
    Fire By Night (the dramatic story of one Pathfinder crew and Black Thursday 16/17 December 1943) by Jennie Gray
    Black Night For Bomber Command (the tragedy of 16 December 1943) by Richard Knott.
    Massacre Over the Marne ( RAF bombing raids on Revigny, July 1944) by Oliver Clutton-Brock
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    Reference books worth having on your book shelf.....

    3 Group Bomber Command - C. Ward / S. Smith
    5 Group Bomber Command - C. Ward
    6 Group Bomber Command - C. Ward
  5. nicks

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    Beyond the Dams to the Tirpitz by Alan Cooper

    I read this many years ago but seem to remember it being a very good account of 617 Sqn operations after the Dams Raid.
  6. Son of POW-Escaper

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    The best book I've ever read about Bomber Command is 'A Thousand Shall Fall' by Murray Peden, who piloted both Stirlings and B-17's.

    It will make you both laugh and cry.

    Still in print after almost 30 years. A seriously great book.

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  7. Gage

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    Thanks again all.
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    Not usually my thing but looked too interesting to leave in the charity shop:

    The Withered Garland: Doubts and Reflections of a Bomber by Peter Johnson

    Interesting enough that I've been reading of his time as OC of the Bomber Command Bombing Research Unit that completed the bulk of its fieldwork before the Air Ministry's British Bombing Survey Unit started their work.

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    How about Bomber Boys by Patrick Bishop
    I found this one a very interesting read!
  10. Owen

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    Just finished it .
    I had an immense feeling of sadness when done.
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    Good to see that this thread has resurfaced.

    Recently finished "The Mallon Crew" by Vic Jay; it is self-published by the author and is a very interesting read about the lives of a Lancaster crew in the late stages of the war and how their lives unfolded in subsequent years.

  12. Markyboy

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    This thread is right up my street, as I have shelves full of RAF / Fleet Air Arm memoirs!

    First up, have you tried Jack Curries other memoirs? 'Wings over Georgia' describes his training and 'Mosquito Victory' is about his latter wartime experiences after 'Lancaster Target'.

    Let me know what type of aeroplane, crew position, period of the war etc that you're interested in and i'll have a dig around.
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    'The Fly by nights' by Don Feesey - 166 Sqn from June 44 to May 45, a great read...
    'The Nuremburg Raid' by Martin Middlebrook - an excellent read that fully describes the most costly raid (more men killed from the RAF in one night than in the Battle of Britain!)
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    This could have been posted in several places, but here will do:


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