BF110 Night-Fighter crews, question...

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    Hi, all!
    Just wondering (for a model diorama I'm working on) - What number of crew members would there usually be in a Messerschmitt Bf110 equipped with the Scragemuzik upward-firing cannons, please?

    Pilot's obvious, but would there still be a rear gunner behind the radar operator, given the cannon's barrels passing by the gunner's ears, nearly?
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    Yes, a crew of 3 - pilot, radio/radar operator and gunner.
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    Thanks, Canuck - Now to find another two 1/72-scale crewmen figures... :D:rolleyes::plane:
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    How many crew in the Bf-110 night-fighter? • Axis History Forum

    Just reading through this forum thread and it seems there is debate if it was a 2 or 3 man crew


    STORMO! Hasegawa 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf.109G10 AS by Fabrizio Frassica
    Technical Data:
    Aircraft: Messerschmitt Bf 110C-1 Manufacturer: Messerschmitt A. G.
    Type: Fighter
    Year: 1939
    Engine: 2 Daimler Benz DB 601 A-1. 12-cylinder V. liquid-cooled. 1.050 hp each
    Wingspan: 53 ft 4 in (16.25 m)
    Length: 39 ft 7 in (12.07 m)
    Height: 13 ft 6t in (4.12 m)
    Weight: 13.289 Ib (6.028 kg) (Loaded)
    Maximum speed: 336 mph (540 km/h) at 19.685 ft (6.000 m)
    Ceiling: 32,810 ft (10.000 m) Range: 680 miles (1.094 km)
    Armament: 5 machine guns; 2 x 20 mm cannons
    Crew: 2-3
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