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    I thought this post should really go in here:

    BBC Schedule -

    Live TV Events:

    Daytime TV 1st to 4th June 10-11am live programmes looking back at what the UK was like on those days back in 1944.

    Sunday 6th June, 10am memorial event at CWGC Bayeux. Expected attendance by The Queen, Prince of Wales, Tony Blair, Geoff Hoon (unless a Grand Prix is on!), President Bush, President Chirac & German representative.

    Sunday 6th June, 2pm Allied Veterans march past

    Sunday 6th June, 5pm Veterans parade at Arromanche. Queen likely to take salute.

    TV Programmes:

    'Tough as Grandad' (working title). 5x 60minute programmes in the 5 weeks run up to 6th June. 24x 18-24 year olds undergo training as soldiers would have done for D-Day. Also features veterans who will act as mentors.

    D-Day BB1 Drama Film Sunday 6th June 8pm-10pm

    D-Day to Berlin, BBC 3x 50 minute programmes on Friday from 11th June

    Radio 4:

    16 hours of programming, main focus on 5th June and some live on 6th June

    Apparently the BBC's peoples war website has now collected about 7000 stories and had 15,000 additions to the msg board. Diairies from 'As Tough as Grandad' will feature on here.

    Imperial War Museum - Official D-Day Exhibition opens on April 7th and runs until 2005.

    The Official BBC Book is out in approx 1st May ISBN 0563521163

    You can download a film trailer - 6 minute long 56MB MPEG (I have already reduced it by half from the CD!) click here for a trailer of the BBC D-Day film - It is best to right mouse click on this link and select save target as then in about 30 minutes you will be able to sit back and watch!



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