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    I got this picture as part of a batch on Ebay - can anyone tell me anything about the place (Bailleul?) or the unit these men attached to?

    The photo is marked Arthur Sadler Bedford on the reverse.

    Thanks in advance

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    Judging by the state of the place, i would think that the picture was taken in 1918 after the allies recaptured it from the germans who had taken it earlier in the year for the first time in the war during their march offensives, Bailleul is on the border near belgium, many rear echelon troops were based there, RASC etc, as well as a couple of RFC airfields as well, THOMAS MOTTERSHEAD the only sergeant pilot of the RFC to win the VC is buried there as well


    CROONAERT Ipsissimus

    Going off the uniforms alone, this is a definate WW1 photo. Possibly a group of RFC or RAF (depending on the date), though it looks like a "mix" to me (RFC sidecaps, Army tunics, Cavalry (Mounted) greatcoats, RFC flying jacket(?) ). All pre 1919 anyway.

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    Bailleul is a very attractive town right on the Franco-Belgian border a few miles south of Ypres. Despite its proximity to the front line it remained pretty much intact until 1918 when it was smashed up during the German 'Georgette' offensive and later recapture by the allies( as can be clearly seen in the photo). A ruined section of wall just off the main square is preserved as a monument. The town, including its famous belfry (belfroi) was sympathetically rebuilt after the war. The town contains a large and impressive Commonwelath War Graves Commission cemetery adjoining the town's civil burial ground. Well worth a stop if you're in the vicinity and the inhabitants are friendly.
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    My Great Uncle is buried in Bailleul............Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to visit his grave............but the CWGC kindly took some photo's for me.

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