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    Listed as Auxillary Territorial Service Statue No. 228


    The ATS was founded in 1938 and made up of volunteers who received 6 weeks basic training. By the end of 1939 the ATS had 23,900 members swelling to 213,000 at its peak in 1943.

    The ATS was disbanded in 1949. Between 1939 and 1945 335 members of the ATS were killed, 94 reported missing, 302 wounded and 20 became PoW's

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    Andy, Where is this memorial. My mother was in the ATS.

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    Thanks for posting.

    Volunteer BETTY BURLEIGH W/39496, Auxiliary Territorial Service who died age 21 between 15 April 1941 and 16 April 1941
    Daughter of William and Mary Burleigh, of Florencecourt.
    Also remembered Enniskillen War Memorial

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    Thanks for posting that... I will show my mother!

    My mother served in the ATS, radar designating for gun sites around Crystal Palace during the Blitz and in South Shields.


    Mum - top row, middle. :)
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