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    Evening all,

    I have recently acquired a medal group to a member who was part of the 2/5 Australian Infantry Battalion Cryptographic and Cipher Section as a Clerk.

    I have no idea about the role these sections played in the War and I am after any books or information that could provide me with some details regarding these small yet vital sections.

    Also, does anyone have access to the 2/5 AIB book and if they do, does it go into detail regarding these men and their work?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. DaveB

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    His name & number wouldn't hurt to further any research offered.

    Have you read the unit's war diaries available on-line at the AWM?

    What 2/5 AIB book are you referring to? I'm guessing it's

    S. Trigellis-Smith, All the King's enemies: a history of the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion, (Ringwood East: 2/5 Battalion Association, 1988).

    Where are you? If copies are held by libraries it would be easier if I could let you know which ones are nearest to you.
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    Hi DaveB,

    His details are QX54229 SGT Bernard Charles Weakley.

    I have his service record and his units are recorded as Cipher sections and the 2/5 Australian Infantry Battalion, hence how I was aware of his Cipher Clerk position.

    Information that I have received from another forum member states he is on the Nominal Roll for the 2/5 AIB, however there is nothing in the book regarding these men and their work.

    If anyone can direct me to information regarding Australian Cipher sections and their work in World War II, that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and all the best,


    P.S. I am not in Australia ATM, however I usually hail from Townsville, QLD.
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    try the empreors codes,its quite a storey our allies denied the aussies raw data.
    they wanted the glory all to themselves or rather two brothers did,even one of
    their own suffered.
  5. spidge


  6. spidge


    Hi Gary,

    This site always comes up with some inside info:

    This is a snippet from here:

    There is also reference to a book written by Geoffrey Ballard:

    "On Ultra Active Service - The Story of Australia's Signals Intelligence Operations during World War II"
    by Geoffrey Ballard




    Note the interesting date of enlistment.

  7. spidge


    Hi Gary,

    Omitted to include this although you have seen it as it places everything together - Weakley also has two service numbers:

    Be aware that this only shows his posting at discharge.

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    I was doing some research on a piece of Japanese Invasion Money, a 10 shilling piece, with some writings on it - a "short snorter".

    The writing was not very clear but there is a "QX54229" written on it. I have managed to trace it to Sgt Bernard Charles Weakley.

    There is another signature on the same piece - that of Betty Weakley's.

    Can anyone here help me confirm if they are related? Record show that Betty was born in the same town 2 years earlier than Bernard.

    Anyone know if Betty is still alive? Appreciate it if anyone here can point me to the right direction.

  9. GilbertC

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